2019 BMW G310 GS: Know All About It

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BMW, one of the most well-known brands when it comes to the automobile industry. German company BMW different corporate and other brand development divisions as well. And one of its brand vision is BMW Motorrad. This is a motorcycle brand company by BMW and their producing motorcycle sense 1923. Here we will give you a full review and all the detailed information about the BMW 2019 g310 GS. 

2019 BMW G310 GS: Know All About It
2019 BMW G310 GS: Know All About It

Whenever the word GS comes, we directly related to adventure riding. The first produced by BMW was 15 years ago in Berlin. This motorcycle has excellent off-road capabilities with impressive on-road handling as well. Band demand for GS increases with the latest and more powerful r 1250 GS.

The r 1250 GS was a great success, but you also have to remember that it’s costly as well. The starting price of this motorcycle was about 1.2 million. With this price tag, everyone wants it, but only a few can own it.

2019 BMW G310 GS

With this BMW g, 310 GS BMW has made the impossible dream affordable. This bike smart most simple small and more accessible, but not only this was the brand’s first 500cc offering as well. 

Styling Of This Motorcycle

This motorcycle has high ground clearance all train tires large front wheels. And on top of it has an engine guard and high mountain handlebar. Its design was retained as a signature of GS. The model has a lot more similarities to the bigger GS, but it’s in a small form factor.

The Saddle

If you ask the owner of a bigger GS in that what is the best selling point of their bike, most of them answer that it will be at riding comfort. But now you have to negotiate a bit. Unfortunately, when it comes to riding comfort, you cannot compare it with big GS because it has a lack of electric adjustable suspension big fork and more powerful shock absorbers.  But overall, it has many similarities to the bigger GS. 

Performance Of The Engine

2019 BMW G310 GS: Know All About It
2019 BMW G310 GS: Know All About It

A 313 cc engine powers this motorcycle. It will make your ride more playful when you on the road. It has a single-cylinder mill that is back with 28 NM of torque. It is a lightweight motorcycle, and it will give you great handling as you pick up speed.

Handling And Ride Of 2019 BMW G310 GS

The handling and riding experience of the g 310 GS is great. This bike has all the essential design measures that will give you a great experience on and off-road biking. It has standard abs, which will keep the bike straight and safe to ride.

Specification And Additional Features

The 2019 BMW g 310 GS as an engine of 313 ccs. It is a liquid cooling single cylinder. This motorcycle power of 34 HP and torque of 28 NM. With all these things, it also has few additional features like informative LCD instrument cluster abs average fuel consumption, but with this GS, you will not get the full fat gs amenities.

Final Verdict: 2019 BMW G310 GS

Overall, g310 gs can be a potent road weapon. Which motorcycle is great to have, and it will give you an amazing riding experience on and off the road. 

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