3 Reasons Why Boom Electric Motorcycle Is Not A Good Choice For You

boom electric motorcycle

As everybody knows that petrol and diesel vehicles will be saying goodbye permanently, it’s the right to shift to electric bikes and four-wheelers. Most Japanese, German, and American companies are setting up their manufacturing units, and already e-bikes are available in the market, but they are not much powerful.

In a nutshell, we’ll be charging our vehicles instead of going to the gas pumps in the upcoming years. Recently Boom electric motorcycle was also launched, some are happy, and some are still in doubt. Yes, there are various advantages of this electric motorcycle.

But, when there are some advantages, disadvantages should also be present. As a result, we’ll breakdown some reasons why you shouldn’t consider purchasing this electric motorcycle.

This Electric Motorcycle Is Not Value For Money

A bicycle parked on a field

Yes, we undoubtedly agree that Boom electric motorbike is super affordable, and you hardly need to pay $1,300 for purchasing it. Well, have you ever compared the features and specifications with the price? Probably not, because the affordability and environmental-friendly terms were too much overhyped when this motorbike was launched.

Initially, this bike would be super pocket-friendly, but you need to bear up with the repair and maintenance costs after one year. When you buy an electric motorcycle, your motive is to commute safely and within budget to the nearby locations. In other words, you’re someone having a limited budget and interested in value for money products.

But, Boom electric motorcycle is not a value for money product considering the specs and key features. If you’re still interested in electric bikes, there are many better options available in the market than this electric motorbike.

This Electric Bike Is Too Slow

A close up of a bicycle

What’s the top speed of the Boom electric motorcycle? 40 mph is the maximum speed which sounds kidding for a real bike rider. Yes, this bike is very ideal when you’re stuck in traffic jams, but you cannot ride fast. Your primary motive is you want to reach your location most quickly and easily.

But, when you have Boom electric motorbike, you can’t ride faster whether traffic jams are present or not. It means your jogging speed and this motorcycle’s speed is actually the same. It’s better to visit the grocery stores by walking instead of using an electric bike.

After Sales Services And Reliability Is Not Guaranteed

OKAY, you’ve purchased your Boom electric motorbike and received a warranty of nearly one year, and you’re happy with your purchase. Mishaps are unpredictable; they can happen after the warranty period. Plus, the mechanics of such bikes are not readily available, and please don’t expect quality after-sales services. Initially, you’ll be offered many freebies and coupons; after one year, you’ll become a stranger for Boom Company.

Wrapping Up

See, these disadvantages might not be a major concern for every buyer. Some can bear up with the maintenance and repair costs. So first, understand your requirements before investing in petrol bikes or Boom electric motorcycles. In our opinion, only purchase this electric motorcycle if it meets your daily needs.

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