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Arch Motorcycle was founded in 1998 by Mark W. Archibald. The motorcycles are known for their lightweight and powerful performance because of the proprietary technology that has been produced since 2003. The company has just released a new range of models that give priority to comfort and safety when driving. Motorcycle manufacturing business with a capital of $ 20 million.

2002 – 2003:



2008 – 2009:






Mark W. Archibald will continue to lead Arch Motorcycle into the future with hopes of expanding worldwide despite setbacks like his divorce in 2014 which cost him half his fortune estimated at $ 6 million before deductions or penalties are taken off. Mark also hopes to shift the company’s focus away from motorcycles and more towards innovative technology they can use for further growth.

Models of ARCH Motorcycle:

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Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1 (2012):

Black paint with gold ghost flames and gold leaf pinstriping. Custom leather seat, handlebars, grips, and front brake reservoir cover with matching paintwork. Gold anodized wheels complete the look. The only thing separating this model from the KRGT-1B model is a body kit. However, it’s still enough to make it stand out amongst other models in its class. To some riders (including myself), the KRGT-1 is a sleeker model due to its compact size. MSRP for this motorcycle is $78,350. In contrast with the KRGT-1B model, this model has been described as being more sportbike than a cruiser. For those who prefer a smaller frame and lighter weight motorcycle, then you’ll appreciate that aspect of this model over others in its class. It’s no wonder why the Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1 was named by Cycle World Magazine as one of their top products for 2012. When you consider that price tag along with the power of the S&S Cycle V-Twin engine utilized in this beast, it’s no wonder why this motorcycle is quickly becoming popular among well-to-do riders everywhere! Since its debut at Sturgis, Arch Motorcycle has introduced two other custom models. However, the KRGT-1B remains to be one of their flagships.

Arch Method 143:

This bike is meant for its owner to ultimately have an emotional attachment with it. The Arch Method 143 may not be the safest option on the market, but it is one of the fastest. It features a gas tank, bobbed fenders, and a stretched-out stance. This bike is one of the most terrifying options on the market. Its price is $38,000. Zone 1 for this bike is 500cc-750 cc mid-sized Harley Davidsons like the Street 500/750/800 or Sportsters. This bike also has a place in Zone 2 as it can be used with many different types of custom motorcycle styles; bobber, chopper, café racer, scrambler, and more. This bike would not fare well in Zone 3 unless modified drastically because of its heavyweight and high power to weight ratio which causes it to be rather difficult to maneuver at low speeds under 30 mph. This means that you either have to take your time getting around town or ride it fast with an experienced rider who can balance the bike well.

Arch Motorcycle KRGT-2:

To top it all off, this model comes equipped with a Samson exhaust system that’s made of stainless steel and helps to increase horsepower by 10%. What’s more, the bike’s low center of gravity and sequential shifter also help to give riders a stronger biking experience than ever before. MSRP for this motorcycle is $94,950. While some might argue that this model does not belong on this list due to its high price tag (and they’re right). You can’t deny that Arch Motorcycle KRGT-2 is one of the most stylish motorcycles out on the market today. Not only does it give other motorcycle manufacturers something to think about when it comes to creating new models, but I also believe that this model is best suited for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and are looking for a high-performance motorcycle with sharp design aesthetics to boot! While I’m not certain if Arch Motorcycle has any plans in the future of designing multi-wheeled models, one can always hope that these manufacturers will go all out to create top-of-the-line bikes that have the potential of being just as successful as their automobile counterparts.

Arch Motorcycle Apparel:

Arch Motorcycle Apparel is a trademark of Arch Motorcycle in the United States. It was established in 2014 in California, with the introduction of its signature riding gear. The company was founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger.

Arch Leather Jackets:

The Arch motorcycle leather jackets are built in California using premium cowhide leather, with hand-stitched detail for durability, function, and style. The jacket has a removable Thinsulate liner, zippered vents to release heat in case of overheating, and side-entry handwarmer pockets for convenience. It also features an asymmetric front zipper closure that provides riders quick access to their gear while on the go. This is paired with the YKK locking zipper which gives protection against rain during long rides. An anti-flapping system is integrated into this design which minimizes noise at high speed when the rider’s arms are outstretched. The jackets come with a textile lining and feature removable armor at the elbows and shoulders that protect riders from impacts. Each Arch motorcycle jacket goes through rigorous quality control processes to guarantee durability, function, and style throughout its life.

Arch Motorcycle Pants:

Arch motorcycle pants are the only true riding pants that are designed for riders who demand tough protection, comfort, and style. Made in California using premium cowhide leather, these motorcycle chaps feature 4-way stretch panels at the back of the knee to give easy movement; removable CE knee armor to protect you from impacts during a crash; zippered vents for releasing heat when it’s hot outside; fully waterproof zippers which allow you to ride comfortably even in scorching weather conditions; asymmetric front zipper closure with different levels of protection against rain depending on your preference. These pants also have a custom pocket for an integrated hip airbag system, so you can be assured that Arch motorcycle pants will keep you safe while out on the road.

Arch Gloves:

Arch motorcycle gloves are made using premium synthetic leather and the best materials to offer riders 100% protection during a motorcycle ride. They feature durable knuckle and palm protectors; embossed goatskin palms for maximum grip; seamless compressed EVA on the front of hand for protection against impacts; silicon printed fingertips to allow you to grip your bike firmly during an accident, and a wrist strap design that allows you to put them on easily even when wearing your riding suit.

Arch Beanie:

This beanie is made of 100% cotton and comes in black, blue, camouflage, grey, or red. It’s the perfect gift for any biker who loves to ride in cold weather. This beanie fits comfortably on your head even when you’re riding fast on your motorcycle at great speeds. Designed with multiple panels that stretch well to fit most head shapes and sizes, it also has a soft fleece lining which adds an extra layer of warmth during autumn or winter rides.

Women’s Arch Jackets:

In keeping with this dedication to excellence in every product they make, Arch Motorcycle also offers high-quality women’s leather riding gear. The line of ladies’ leather apparel includes tank tops, vests, bandanas, gloves, arm warmers, and men’s jackets customized for a woman’s fit. Each lady rider can choose from a wide range of styles designed for motorcycling comfort and passion. These products are all shipped completely free within the United States of America and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Arch Sunglasses:

Arch motorcycle sunglasses are made using anti-UV brown polarized lenses which offer riders eye protection against sun glare while driving, 100% UV400 protection, premium materials like TR90 nylon, custom wire core temples that are flexible and durable, stainless steel spring hinges which are guaranteed not to break or bend even after multiple uses, custom rubber nose pads for comfort, adjustable silicone-coated t-bar nylon retainer strap to keep the sunglasses securely on your head at all times.

All these products are shipped completely free within the United States, come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and include free exchanges if they do not fit as expected.

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