Art On Two-Wheels

Art On Two-wheels: The Wonderful Exhibit

Sin To Miss Harley-Davidson Collection!

September 2019 saw an exemplary collection exhibit called ‘Art on two-wheels’ at Cultural Centre of Cape Cod. The proud reviver of these Harley-Davidson bikes, David McGraw, showcased his two-wheels masterpieces in one-of-its-kind exhibits.

The exhibit featured many rare and vintage models of Harley Davidson that included a 1915 K Board Tracker, 1927 Pea Shooter, 1927 Hill Climber, 1928 JDH, 1936 El Knucklehead, 1949 Flat Track, 1950 Panhead, 1966 CRS Scrambler, 1967 XLRT Lance Weil, 1968 Drag Bike, 1970 XRTT 750 Daytona Roadracer, 1970 XLCH Land Speed Streamliner, a 2005 Destroyer Drag Bike, and many others.

Art On Two-wheels: The Wonderful Exhibit
Art On Two-Wheels: The Wonderful Exhibit

Proud Host: Cultural Centre Of Cape of Cod

Centre’s executive director, Robert Nash, couldn’t hold his excitement as people in large numbers attended the exhibit, and two-wheels lovers across America came in to register their pleasure and encourage McGraw’s passion for Harley Davidson. They have been organizing such extraordinary events since 2007, but he was sure that an exhibit of this kind will surely win the cake and will be the best one to date.

Excerpts Of The Owner Of The Two-Wheels

According to McGraw, “I wanted my collection to be the full era, from the start until now of Harley race bikes.” His main focus is racing bikes because they have a history he says. He sometimes invests years in the restoration of a bike.

David McGraw initially used to collect cars for business, but his true love was always the motorcycles, so he decided to build one for himself. The thing that makes his collection unique is as much time as he invests in building and restoring a bike. He gives an equal amount of time to restore their stories. Each racing motorcycle of his collection has a story, and he is proud of it.

Art On Two-wheels: The Wonderful Exhibit
Art On Two-Wheels: The Wonderful Exhibit

When asked if he’s missing anything, he smiles while saying, “There’s one that’s called the 8-valve Harley, which is the Holy Grail. Don’t have one of those.”

The Sponsors and Media Involvement

Yarmouth Tourism Fund, Gatehouse Media, Cape Cod Harley Davidson, and others sponsored the event. It also included artwork from David McGraw’s collection itself. He said, “All the artwork, except a few things, is original. I see things over the years, and I swap or buy all kinds of artwork and memorabilia.” The art on two wheels also launched its merchandise, and it was popular with the people.

All For The Love of Two-Wheels

The exhibit featured bikes from over a century. Some of them were so rare that even Harley Davidson didn’t recognize or had any record. How amazing it feels to own such a rare and wonderful private collection! Kudos to David McGraw and his passion.

The Cultural Centre of Cape Cod has to be equally lauded as it has always been appreciative and encouraging towards such events. This 2-month exhibit turned out to be a huge success. It took off from 21 September 2019 and lasted till 24 November 2019. The exhibit was a surreal experience for motorcycle lovers and especially the lovers of Harley Davidson and racer bikes.