Best Cheap Electric Motorcycle You Must Look For

best cheap electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are motorbikes whose engine is powered by electric instead of the regular fuel engines. The depleting reserves of fuels is shifting the motorworld to the electronic age. The need of the hour calls for the increased use of the best cheap electric motorcycle. Using this has more benefits than it currently seems. Advanced models of this type of motorcycle use minimum levers, making the system less complicated. Thus it has a low maintenance cost. In the next twenty years, as the fuel reserves near their extinction, electric vehicles will be our next option. Choosing the right option requires more options so here are some best electric motorbikes you can choose from.

Revolt RV 300 : The Best Cheap Electric Motorcycle

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It is one of the cheapest and basic available electric motorbikes in India. It’s low price and higher durability makes it a better choice for the people here. The Revolt RV 300 takes 4.2 hours to get completely charged. And the battery lasts for a range of 80 to 180 kilometers. The engine is very light weight and made from a single cradle frame. This makes the motorbike very easy to handle and low cost for maintenance. Also, the body is perfectly designed to fit all body types. It comes with a battery warranty of 8 years and motor warranty of 5 years. Go and check it out in your nearest store available.

Zero SR – A Great Choice For Premium Look

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If you are fond of Duke bikes you will definitely like this electric bike. The added benefit here is that neither does it require regular fuel top ups and nor the  heavy maintenance. The bike itself has a 52kW motor which generates power of 70hp. Zero SR takes around 9 hours to get fully charged. This is quite a lot of time as other brands offer less time charging. But this bike gives you a riding range of around 300kms. This makes the extra sleek design of the bike shine even more. For those who love speed thrills, this bike will be a perfect catch for you. It has a maximum speed of 163km/hr which makes it the fastest and best cheap electric motorcycle.

Why Should You Choose The Best Cheap Electric Motorcycle?

There are many reasons to not choose a fuel runned motorbike. Not to mention the climate disaster we are causing because of the pollution generated by these petrol/diesel engine vehicles. Apart from this there are many reasons to go for an electric motorbike. Firstly, the instant torque and power given by these bikes have no match with the former ones. It also has a very low maintenance cost because of the design. Along with low maintenance it gives you a quieter ride. All these factors combine together to make it a perfect motorbike for a city ride. Opt for an electric bike.

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