Best Motorcycle Accessories Online You Need Before You Start Your Ride

motorcycle accessories online

There’s a lot to learn if you or someone you know is new to riding a motorcycle. Perhaps you’re not a novice rider, but you’ve recently had an “unplanned offroading adventure” and believe that some (or better) gear could have improved the outcome. Choosing decent motorcycle accessories online can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help you by breaking it down and providing some essential information to make informed decisions.


Motorcycle Accessories

Helmets can cost anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars, but money does not always equal safety. Other certifications like Snell and ECE are so contentious and confusing that understanding them isn’t worth most riders’ time. 


Motorcycle Accessories

Blocking out noises like car horns and motors may seem like a bad idea if you don’t ride. A decent pair of earplugs, on the other hand, will let you hear everything you need while blocking out wind noise, which can make you unhappy on a long ride and may cause lasting hearing loss.


When you fall and try (in vain) to catch yourself, your hands are likely to be the first to strike the ground. Motorcycle gloves have strengthened palms and knuckles to absorb impact and allow the rider to slide around the pavement. Rather than grasping the asphalt and potentially hyperextending or fracturing your wrist, your hands will glide along with the rest of your (covered) body until you come to a standstill. If you spend more than $100, you’ll usually receive those, as well as ergonomic stitching that retains your dexterity. Make sure your gloves include a wrist strap, so they don’t fall off if you fall.


Leather or cloth are your options here. Leather is heavier and more protective—pro racers wear one-piece leather suits—and the chances are that leather equipment will still be in good enough form to be used after an accident. Textile is more lightweight, less expensive, and won’t overheat you while stuck in traffic in the summer heat. Whatever you select, armor—padded inserts for your back, shoulders, and elbows—will provide you more confidence when riding.


When sliding on the pavement, even thick denim tears easily. Abrasion-resistant fabrics are used in motorcycle-specific pants to prevent road rash, and most contain openings for knee and hip protection. However, you’ll have to seek hard-to-locate patterns that don’t look like they’re from the 1990s.


In a car accident, your feet and legs are very likely to be harmed, putting you on crutches for weeks. Combat boots are preferable over flip-flops, but motorcycle-specific footwear is always the safest and most comfortable option. Power Ranger or gold prospector work boots are the most common styles offered. The former is comfortable and light, making it excellent for long rides or hazardous terrain, such as offroading. It will be more pleasant to go around in the latter.


Proper motorcycle accessories online will keep you comfortable in a variety of settings, and you’ll be a better rider when you’re satisfied. Gear that is unpleasant, ill-fitting, or otherwise fails to perform its intended function is, at best, a diversion, and a distraction is the last thing a motorcycle rider needs.

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