Best Motorcycle Battery Buying Guide

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A great motorcycle battery provides your engine with the power needed to start your bike regardless of the weather conditions. It’s the backbone of your bike’s performance. However, not all batteries are the same. You need the right battery that’s built for your bike and provides the best performance. Our buying guide offers a rundown of some of the best motorcycle batteries on the market today.

Why Buy A Motorcycle Battery?

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Optimal performance. With a great battery, you will be sure that your bike is operating at its optimal performance in terms of starting power, speed, and acceleration. You won’t have to worry about getting stranded in the middle of the road with a bike that won’t start because of a misfired engine. 

Replace your dead battery. If all you get is a clicking sound every time you try to turn the key to start your motorcycle, then you may have a dead battery. Every motorcycle owner will experience this at least once. Consider getting one of the best aftermarket replacements to keep all of your accessories running. 

All-weather capabilities. Do you have trouble starting your bike during the winter?  That’s because most stock batteries freeze during the cold season. To solve the problem, you can purchase a premium-quality aftermarket option that will give you enough starting power during winter and any other season.

Types of Motorcycle Batteries


A wet cell or flooded lead-acid (FLA) battery is the oldest type used in motorcycles. It’s made up of lead (negative) and lead oxide (positive) plates with 35 percent sulfuric acid and 65 percent water. Wet lead-acid batteries aren’t completely sealed, and water tends to evaporate from the lids. Therefore, they need to be topped up regularly with distilled water.           


Gel Cell batteries are sealed, maintenance-free, and can be installed at any angle. The electrolyte is made up of sulfuric acid mixed with fumed silica that makes the mass gel-like and immobile. These batteries do not experience any gel electrolyte evaporation, spillage, or corrosion issues. They are also resistant to vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures. However, high amperage situations can scar the gel inside and create a “pocket,” which exposes the plates to corrosion and consequently leads to premature battery failure.


Most motorcycles use AGM batteries. They have a similar exterior design to a sealed gel battery but have a glass fiber (sponge) between the lead plate. The sponge ensures that the plates can be close to each other while controlling acid movement between them. For that reason, you can have a smaller AGM battery that performs just as well as the larger standard batteries. These batteries are less prone to failure since they are resistant to heat and vibration. 

Shorai Lithium Battery

A non-spillable OEM replacement battery that requires no maintenance and doesn’t suffer from corrosion.


Ultra-light design. Low self-discharge rate. Contains no dangerous chemicals and messy acids. Long battery life. Fits many motorcycles makes and models. Compatible with lead-acid chargers. Includes foam spacers for easy installation.


Expensive. May discharge faster with frequent charging. Not as powerful as premium lead-acid batteries.

Yuasa YUAM

An affordable lead-acid battery that provides great starting power for a frozen or inactive engine.


Holds in place. Easy to refill. Great performance in extreme heat and cold temperatures. Lasts long with proper maintenance. High-temperature tolerance. Stable discharge voltage. Backed by a one-year warranty.


Electrolyte sold separately. Difficult to install. Heavy. Not a universal fit.

Battery Tender Supersmart

An innovative and water-resistant battery that solves most of your energy problems while you are on the road.


Protected from overcharging and discharging. Safe.  Lightweight and spill-proof design. Maintenance-free. Heat-sealed cover. High melting and freezing point. Fits most motorcycle models. Heavy-duty construction.


Shorter battery life than its competitors. Power output reduces with frequent charging. Expensive.

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