Best Motorcycle Buying Guide In 2020

A motorcycle parked on the side of a dirt road

Motorcycles are surely one of the best means for transport on an office day or for having fun in the weekends! While people were limited only to a few models of motorcycles in the past, today they have quite a few options to choose from. These options have also confused people about which bike to buy and what features to look out for when buying. This is a big reason why a motorcycle buying guide is absolutely necessary.

So, if you are looking for a motorcycle buying guide that will help you decide which one suits you the best, you are at the very right place!

Read along to know all about the different types of motorcycles and make an easy decision about what to buy.

Motorcycle Buying Guide: What To See When You Buy?

Cruiser Bike

Motorcycle Buying Guide For All Bikers
Best Motorcycle Buying Guide In 2020

The cruiser is maybe the best of the bike types in this rundown. It’s cool, looks excellent, sounds extreme, and is a most loved of both real biker types and a huge number of different riders. Furthermore, a cruiser could be a decent first bicycle for an amateur. Why? It is because you sit low and in charge, has a smooth force and even more an affinity for, well, cruising, than through and through speeding tricks.

Sport Bike

On the opposite finish of the range from cruisers lie sport bikes. These bicycles are worked for speed, with top-end machines clearing 200 strength and 200 mph capacities. It can also easily outrun most of the exotic supercars easily and is surely the best you can buy.

Standard Bikes

Today, we call an “ordinary” cruiser a “standard,” and for some new riders, the adaptability of a standard bike is undeniably more agreeable. You can stack it up with saddlebags, a windscreen, backrest, your loved one, and hit the open street. Or then again, take such stuff off and basically putt around town, to work, or any place.


The ADV is what you get when you mix up a dirt bike and a street bike. You can ride this bike almost anywhere and have fun doing that! Today, almost every biker sports a Dual-Sport or ADV. What’s ADV? An adventure bike! They are tough, simple, lightweight and a perfect choice for either a beginner or a pro. So, you can go ahead and buy this bike without a doubt!

Dirt Bike

If you are someone who loves to ride in the dirt, the dirt bikes are surely the ideal ones for you. Ranging from 50 cc to 500 cc, you will get multiple options to choose from if you ever decide to buy a dirt bike. One of the best things about these bikes is that no matter whichever model you buy, they will of course be lightweight and easy to cruise around in!

Electric Motorbike

Motorcycle Buying Guide For Beginners
Best Motorcycle Buying Guide In 2020

If you are someone who is cautious about their carbon footprints on nature, then the electric motorbikes are perfect for you! Ideal for an urban setting, these bikes run on batteries and carves their way amazingly. Plus, they are fun, fast and simple – perfect for a beginner’s bike!


If you are buying a bike for the first time, make sure to do your research properly and know your type before you buy. In the end, it will be you controlling the bike and not the other way round. Also, do check out what size is the best and suits your height. You wouldn’t want to be missing out on that!

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