Best Motorcycle Pants for Riders


Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exciting experience. It is the epitome of freedom. It also portrays the imagery of being a badass as you pull up to your destination. That doesn’t discount the fact that you should always be careful when riding a motorcycle. You’ve heard about motorcycle helmets and gloves that protect your head and hands, respectively. But have you heard about motorcycle pants? They provide the necessary leg protection while being stylish. They’re also more breathable compared to the traditional leather pants. Here are the best motorcycle jeans for riders.

Joe Rocket 1518-3605 Phoenix

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This pair of pants offers a very inclusive range in terms of sizes and design. The range is so wide that it’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect fit for you, considering your height or your body type. The striking feature of these pants is the mesh shell. This mesh provides proper ventilation so that your legs will be cooled regardless of the weather.

The lower leg area is also made of a melt-resistant material. This addresses the common problem of riders accidentally burning their legs on the bike’s exhaust pipe. The only problem with this pair is the hook and snap closure. Regardless, this is guaranteed to keep the rider warm, dry, and safe.

Maxler Jean Kevlar 002 (Blue)

Maxler Jean Kevlar 002 (Blue)

Maxler Jean Kevlar 002 (Blue)

At first glance, this pair of motorcycle pants may look like any other pants you own. They are slim cut in shape with a blue shade. A closer look will reveal that it is exceptional because of how much it can protect your legs and feet. The main material is made of spandex. This accommodates most body types and shapes. The material also allows more movement for the rider, which is crucial when you’re riding a bike.

The knee section has some padded protection. This will help protect your knees from getting scraped. There are also sizeable pockets on these pants. The only issue is that the size scale is smaller than the usual. It is recommended that you order one size higher to avoid any issues.

Bilt Iron Workers Steel

Bilt Iron Workers Steel

Bilt Iron Workers SteelMotorcycle Pants

The cut of this pair is looser than the usual pair of jeans. This allows the wearer to move more freely and more comfortably. The extra space at the bottom allows you to wear this over your favorite pair of boots. They offer a wide size range so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for you.

The material is made of a hundred percent cotton. This makes the pants more breathable and more comfortable to wear. You won’t have any problems with chafing and ventilation. The pants also feature the company’s signature Kevlar and polyester hybrid of material. They place this special mix on high-impact zones to give you more protection. This pair is also quite affordable.

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