Bike Phone Mounts – A Few Of The Best


Bike Phone Mounts allows you to safely put your phone in a casing that sits on your handlebar while you bike. Bikers out there are surely interested by now. It is a relief to have phone mounts designed for bikes, since we can’t begin to express how tough it is to ride a bike with your phone in your pocket, worrying if it will slip out. Plus, now you can use the GPS on your phone as you use your bike. 

There are so many reasons why we should using our bikes more and cutting out the dependency on vehicles using gas. These bike phone mounts add to the ease with which you can now ride. Still, it can be a confusing task, determining which mount is the best, with the array of features now available with different brands. We have put together a list of the best bike phone mounts that will help you narrow down your choices and pick the one that is best suited to your needs.

Bike Phone Mounts – A Few Of The Best
Bike Phone Mounts – A Few Of The Best

Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit

Designed keeping only Apple phones in mind, the Quad Lock Kit serves users with iPhones (5 to XR). A case mount, it has a patented design that secures your phone to your bike. You can test the grip on this one without worrying! The maximum width of your handlebar should be 1.57 inches, and hence it is compatible with most standard bikes. You won’t have to worry about installation, as all the necessary items are included in the kit. And should it start raining, you can use a water-resistant cover that comes along with this kit. Do note, that once you snap on the water-resistant cover (not a 100% proof) it inhibits the use of a headphone jack. Keeping Bluetooth earphones handy is advised.

Team Obsidian Bike Phone Mount

Want to know what sets this apart? Prepare to get your mind blown! Unlike most other bike mounts, Team obsidian has designed a mount that made from a single piece of silicon. The result is that it contains no moveable parts. Hence no rattle. Zero chances of the kit falling off your bike as you make your way through hilly, rough terrain. They also claim it to be a 100% shock-absorbent, keeping our phone safe and sound. This can fit any brand that has phones between the sizes of 4.5 to 5 inches, be it an iPhone or an Android.

Bike Phone Mounts – A Few Of The Best
Bike Phone Mounts – A Few Of The Best

Taotronics Bike Mount

The old design of a clamp and holder, hold your phone in place, as the clamp fastens on to your phone with a solid grip. Pull the clamps to secure your phone. Release it by pressing a button. It can hold phones up to 3.94 inches wide.

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