BMW Off-Road Training

BMW Off-Road Training At Hechlingen Enduro Park

BMW launched its new bike the nineT along with its release BMW organized a BMW off-road training at the Hechlingen Enduro Park. BMW did this to provide the journalists with a first-class driving experience of their new bike. The journalists were not professional bike off-roaders. The journalists are provided with a training course. BMW off-road training helps the journalists to review the bikes and riding experience better.

BMW Off-Road Training At Hechlingen Enduro Park
BMW Off-Road Training At Hechlingen Enduro Park

BMW Off-Road Training: The Journey

All of the journalists are not professional bike riders, so the journalists are given some light training on how to ride a bike off-road. There is a highly trained motorcycle safety instructor who teaches all the basics as a result that makes this off-roading bike experience very safe. The instructor firstly teaches proper body positioning on an off-road bike; moreover, he also explains how to control the bike with proper body positioning and balancing weight. The instructor demonstrates everything and then asks the journalists to do it later. While on the streets, the primary method of controlling the bike is counter-steering, whereas, in off-roading, the primary way of controlling a motorcycle is using the feet and maintaining body positioning and weight. The training facility consists of all-time medic support and an outstanding faculty of trainers.

The BMW Off-Road Training Facility

The training facility is a high-end space very suitable for bike enthusiasts to learn how to off-road. The facility is a 64-acre terrain. The facility has a very well made obstacles course consisting of varying flat compressed gravel along with motocross-style jumps, and single track hails through the woods. Hechlingen Enduro Park provides a thorough riding experience. The advanced bikers can also drive on drain pipes to increase the adrenaline. The facility also has an excellent restaurant that offers exquisite cuisines and tasty food. The facility provides various programs depending on the course you choose. There is a novice course for beginners, an advanced course for professionals, in any case, the course is of two days each.

Skills Learned

The off-roading experience provides the right amount of motor skills. Reasonable clutch control is significant, knowing when to accelerate and when not to accelerate helps a lot in navigating on slippery roads and terrains. The biker should always be focused and not at all be distracted. The biker should still maintain speed at which they are comfortable. The course also teaches the importance of preserving the body positioning and weight while riding on rough terrains. The dirt bikes and motorcycles have limited transactions, so the rider needs to let the bike move around a little bit.

BMW Off-Road Training At Hechlingen Enduro Park
BMW Off-Road Training At Hechlingen Enduro Park


The Hechinger Enduro Park offers courses for one day or two days, with the price ranging from $330 to $467. The recent estimate is for using their own bike, and the later price is for using their bike or motorcycle. Overall the Hechlingen Enduro Park is a perfect place for learning the off-roading experience. Therefore, the bike is a must for all the riders who enjoy speed and thrill.

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