Buying Used Motorcycle Guide - Tips To Keep In Mind -

Buying Used Motorcycle Guide – Tips To Keep In Mind

buying used motorcycle guide

With an ever-shrinking road space, motorcycles are a better option to negotiate the challenges that cities across the nation throw at commuters every single day. Not just that, it is a much more affordable option for the majority. So if you are interested in buying a used motorcycle then it can prove to be a very good option provided you know the what, why, where, and how.

Why Are You Buying The Motorcycle?

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First of all, you need to understand your requirement – why do you need a motorcycle? Is it because it is a necessity to commute to your office or college every day? Or you don’t like public transport and want to save your precious time commuting. Once you know your reason for owning a motorbike, the next job is to decide your budget.

Where To Look For Second-hand Motorcycles?

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Private sales- Buying directly from a private seller saves some money. However, it has its risks. Hence, it is advisable to check and opt for this option only if you get a good deal.

Dealers- Second-hand motorcycle dealers inspect the bikes themselves beforehand. So, if you buy from a dealer there is a chance that you will get a thoroughly inspected bike.

Inspecting The Motorcycle

Always inspect the motorcycle thoroughly before buying. Try to take someone experienced along with you.

Research The Bike-Specific Flaws

Always look for bike-related flaws such as corrosion, rust, tires, battery, brakes, engine, clutch, paperwork, fuel tank, chains, wheels, suspension, etc.

Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Motorcycle

While purchasing a second-hand motorcycle, the buyer needs to carefully inspect the state of the bike, the credibility of the seller, and so on. The most crucial part is the documents of the bike and the paperwork associated with the purchase. The following documents are a must for the legal transfer of the vehicle from the seller to the buyer – Registration certificate book, Two wheeler insurance paper, Guidelines to check before buying a used bike, and trending articles. The bike should be stable. Test it on a clean road without any road potholes. Listen carefully for any unusual voices and if you hear any, ask the seller.


Buying a second-hand motorcycle is a good deal if you intend to save a significant amount of money. If you know the tips and tricks to crack a good deal it would be beneficial on your part. Once everything is sorted, then you can enjoy the pleasures of riding a bike. But make sure that you follow all traffic rules without fail- including not using any fancy number plates. And don’t forget your helmet. Safety first!

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