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Basic Introduction:

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A dirt bike is designed for off-road and trail riding. Dirt bikes are typically made of steel, aluminum, and plastics. Dirt bikes can be ridden on a paved road (generally not encouraged, as it does damage to the dirt bike) but feature knobby tires and gearing that allow for torque and drive on loose dirt and gravel trails. Dirt bikes are single-track vehicles; their narrow tires make riding them on paved roads difficult. They are lightweight due to no extra parts or accessories required.


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Dirt biking has been around since the early 1920s when riders originally mounted tubular steel rims with wooden wheels and achieved stability by adding wider than normal handlebars using lengths of bicycle chain wrapped around each end of the bars, for added grip between the rider’s hands and the bars – thus pioneering what was eventually to become known as ‘flat track’ racing. Although initially developed in California, the sport achieved major popularity in the late 1960s and early 70s when American riders were competing in motocross events across Europe. The motorcycles are built especially to take part in racing on dirt tracks, hence their name “dirt bikes”. They must be able to travel both forward and backward since they will race by turns. It is an advantage for races because racers can use reverse action during the turns to keep moving forward quickly.

Dirt bikes have evolved over the years by modifying frame geometry, engine placement, and suspension setup among other things. The increase of technology has helped tremendously with motorcycle bodies through experimentation regarding materials such as aluminum alloys lighter than steel but not as strong; carbon fiber; and thermoplastics. By 1993, a new displacement class of motocross bike had been created called the “heavyweight class” in the AMA rulebook. The Heavyweight division was designed for privateers who owned larger bikes that were constructed by bicycle frame builders who used engines from older motorcycles and adapted them to fit into classic bicycle frames with engine sizes ranging from 450 ccs to 1000cc+ cubic centimeters. With this division, riders would race several classes in different displacement categories on the same day at events sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association throughout America. In 1994, another division was born in America called “two-stroke twins”. This division is an open-class that allows any model two-stroke displacements including 250 cc and greater. In the United Kingdom, it is known as “lightweight and heavyweights”.

List of Top Dirt Bikes:

Yamaha YZ450F

In the dirt biking world, the Yamaha YZ 450F is one of the best bikes on the market. It is a motocross dream machine that performs well in just about every category important for riding off-road. The 450cc of engine displacement delivers more than enough power to keep up with all other bikes on any track or trail at 50+ mph speeds. Thanks to a rearward slanting single-cylinder engine along with a lightweight aluminum twin-spar frame, this bike can handle even better at top speeds. It can be used by an entry-level rider in professional racing because it is simple and easy to ride while still being very fast and powerful when required by high-speed tracks or tough terrain. In addition, the YZ450F is a very comfortable dirt bike because it has a well-balanced seat height and a plush-feeling suspension system that is fully adjustable.

Honda CRF 450R

Also known as the “CRF 450X”, this Honda entry-level four-stroke motocross bike features an ergonomically sound chassis with extremely low seat height along with top-notch suspension components for maximum cornering, acceleration, and braking grip. This machine comes with an air-cooled 449cc engine that delivers smooth power delivery throughout the rpm range. The Yamaha YZ 450F may be faster for professional riders but the Honda CRF450R is arguably better for novice riders due to its’ superior ground clearance and driveability which can help keep the bike from hitting the ground as easily.

KTM 350 SX-F

The KTM 350 SX-F is not just a dirt bike; it’s a motocross machine that can blast through any single or double track with speed and agility that no other dirt bike can match. The word “SX” in this model designation stands for Supercross, a specific type of off-road racing for motorcycle, quad, and UTV vehicles inside an oval arena similar to what we see at indoor stadiums during Monster Energy Supercross events every year since 1967. As such, this KTM motocross racer was specifically designed for stadium racing where speeds can reach up to 60 mph (100 km/h). Even though it’s a gas-powered race bike, the 350 SX-F does work well for novice riders because it has a very capable suspension system specifically designed to tame high jumps and rough terrain.

In addition, the engine is liquid-cooled with an electric starter which makes starting up this KTM dirt bike much easier than older models from different manufactures that did not have these features available. The overall power band of the 350 SX-F may be a little bit on the “peaky” side but this model will put anybody who rides it into motocross racing street cred. Although this KTM may not handle as well as other motocross machines like the Yamaha YZ 450F; its’ superior horsepower and lightweight design make up for its’ lack of maneuverability.

Husqvarna FC 350

The Husqvarna FC350 is the motocross version of Swedish automaker Volvo’s latest-generation crossover SUV introduced for sale to markets around the world in 2015. Using the same innovative technologies found on their cars, this dirt bike features an air-cooled single-cylinder engine that delivers smooth power delivery along with a very comfortable ergonomic seat that can be adjusted up or down before you take off. And like most modern motocross bikes; it has electronic fuel injection which means there are no mixture settings to deal with and no choke lever needed during cold starts if the battery gets drained (although electric start will still save day).

Suzuki RM-Z450

The Suzuki RM-Z450 is the ultimate motocross bike for riders who want a great overall package from their dirt bike. This particular model is known for its’ amazing acceleration and cornering grip; not to mention that it handles superbly on all types of terrain. The power delivery of this 450cc 4-stroke engine starts very smoothly throughout the entire rpm range while having enough torque anywhere in between to blast through muddy tracks, deep sand, or steep inclines depending on which type of riding you prefer doing with your motocross machine. Although some people may consider this model to be less powerful compared to some other race bikes like the Yamaha YZ450F; this Suzuki still has more than enough grunt (upwards of 45 hp) to get the job done.

Honda CRF250R

Before you say “Hey! The CRF250R is not a full-sized motocross bike!” understand that this particular model was designed for riders who want just enough power to cruise on trails while also being capable of racing in light dirt track events. With that said, the specs on this machine make it one of the best dirt bikes overall, and honestly; we had a hard time picking between this and some other models (including the above-mentioned RM-Z450). It does have a more powerful engine with an awesome throttle response along with rear disc brakes which give it more stopping power compared to most entry-level dirt bikes. However, if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks; the CRF450R is an even better choice.

Yamaha YZF-R3

The Yamaha YZF-R3 is one of those motocross bikes that should be taken very seriously by other manufacturers because it will eat into their sales for entry-level and novice riders looking to buy their first bike or upgrade from something like a TaoTao ATM50D/150QE, Buddy 50, Baja 90, etc. This model is designed with modern features like fuel injection along with ABS & CBS braking systems which save money over buying separate parts that do the same job. It also weighs less than many of its’ rivals, has decent suspension considering it’s an entry-level motocross bike, and best of all; it’s also one of the most affordable models on this list (of course we’re excluding the above-mentioned CRF250R which costs a little more).

Kawasaki KX450F

The Kawasaki KX450F is for sale for between $8000-$9500+ depending on your location, although if you shop online then you may be able to find one under that price. This motocross bike has a very smooth engine that will pull through any gear without hesitation or stalling which makes it great for all types of riding. It also features electronic fuel injection and an electric starter which makes it easy to start no matter what the weather conditions are like outside (especially during cold days). If you’re looking for something with more horsepower than this model; look into buying another version such as the KX450FX which is bigger and better than the standard 450cc 4-stroke OHV model. We hope we did a good job of showing you some of the best dirt bikes which can be bought for under $8000, although if you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to let us know.

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