Electric Motorcycle Racing Is the Next Big Thing

electric motorcycle racing

Electric motorcycles and scooters are basically plugging in electric vehicles with three or four wheels. The power is stored in the battery is a rechargeable battery, that then powers one or several electric motor parts. Electric motorcycles (as opposed to motorcycles) normally have a straight step-through frame design. Some electric scooter designs are more sporty, with multiple side-stepping tendencies. These kinds of scooters are popular with those who like the look and style of a sportbike but aren’t interested in participating in any competitive sports.

Many people just like the looks of electric motorcycles, and there are even several class wars between electric scooter enthusiasts over the right to use the term “gravel bike.” On the other hand, electric motorcycles have been consistently gaining ground in popularity with their high fuel efficiency, reliability, and speed capabilities. Although these bikes were traditionally used for off-road purposes, today’s manufacturers have begun making them suitable for on-road racing. One of the first races for these bikes was the Toursport series, but since then they have also been introduced into other popular races such as the Dakar event.

Electric Motorcycle Racing

A person riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

The most famous race for electric motorcycles is the Dakar event. It is held every year in Spain and is a huge attraction for many tourists. The route of the race is completely flat, and the vehicles are outfitted with everything from air conditioners to mud flaps. Each rider is assigned an individual bike, and no two riders will ever share the same bike. The rules of the race are very simple: the vehicle must cross the finish line without breaking the speed record, or else the rider is eliminated.

If you’re looking to take your hobby of electric motorcycle racing to the next level, you may want to consider the possibility of joining some of the more established clubs that are located on the Spanish-speaking continent. The two most popular clubs are the Movado Association (Movado for short) and the Spanish chapter of the Red Cross. Both of these clubs offer a wide variety of benefits to members. For example, the Movado Association gives you access to some of the best racing areas in the world, as well as valuable information regarding health care and road conditions. The Spanish Red Cross offers emergency assistance in case of an accident, and members get to visit the site of the annual Tour de France cycling race.

There is also a new racing series that has just been announced for the future. This new series is called the ALL-Electric Racing Series. Unlike the previous version, this version of the all-electric racing series promises to be faster, more technologically advanced, and more environmentally friendly. With the intention of making a cleaner planet, organizers hope to raise enough funds to make this series happen. So far, over ten thousand people have shown their support.

A Much Ado

A motorcycle parked on the side of a dirt road

The first race of the ALL-ECO EVO series will take place on April 4th, at the Circuit Of Spain in Valencia. The route for the race will follow the Norquay-based Magaluf-coasters path. The venue for the first race of the series will be the famous Magaluf airport, as well as the tracks of Sanion and Huelva. Both of these tracks have proven themselves to be fast and challenging, offering the kind of tests both riders and bikes can face.

Following the first season of racing, there will be six more seasons of the ALL-ECO EVO series. Each season will feature several new tracks, as well as new manufacturers, such as Yamaha, BMW, Honda, and others. It appears as though there will be some kind of brand war between some of the larger names in bikes and their tires. Some speculate that the hosing between them will push Hussain and spec class bikes to the forefront of the next year’s lineup.

Final Words

For now, there is no definite indication of who will be the top speed biker in the upcoming elections. Will it be Hussain or spec? Perhaps it will be a third option, or perhaps it will be a new breed of hybrid bike. We won’t know who will be the winner for another couple of years, but we will get a chance to see all of the new bikes in action during the races season in 2021.

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