Electric Trike Motorcycle – How to Find the Best Deal on a Electric Trike

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The electric trike is the smallest type of trike and is ideal for easy and low cost transportation due to its lightweight construction and lack of provisions for carrying a motor. Although the design is very similar to that of a motorbike, an electric trike motorcycle can only weight about one hundred and fifty pounds maximum when fully loaded with supplies and equipment. These are also known as plug-in bikes or simply plug-ins.

 Acquire A Suitable Battery

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The first step to owning an electric trike is to acquire a suitable battery. The main advantage of the battery is that it charges fast and can be recharged many times over, so it is useful for trips out on the trails. They tend to run just as well in remote and rough terrain as with a gasoline powered trike and some will even run longer. The main disadvantage of these batteries is that they are very expensive, can be very noisy and require regular maintenance to avoid excessive wear. This makes them not recommended for long distance journeys.

Most electric trikes use a single twenty-five volt battery and some can run on a triple-a battery. These batteries can supply the needed power for up to three or four hours at a time and have a maximum range of about seventy-five miles. These batteries can also be bought separately, but tend to be more expensive. These batteries can also be easily attached to standard off-road tires with adapters. These batteries are more suited for use on flat surfaces rather than hills.

Charge Controller Similar To A Throttle On Motorcycles

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Many electric trikes have a charge controller similar to a throttle on motorcycles. These controllers allow you to fine-tune the performance of your electric trike by adjusting its throttle and other internal components. You can fine-tune the throttle to allow more speed for uphill trips, or decrease the speed for flat terrain. You can also adjust the brake effects for greater control during a ride. Some battery packs come with a forward/reverse feature, where you can reverse the direction of the motor vehicle by rolling the bike over.

Check Your Batteryc

If you plan on riding on rough terrain, make sure that your battery is deep enough in the pack to handle the weight of your battery. Some batteries are made to work in deep conditions, but others are specifically designed for rough use. The weight of the battery pack will determine how long your battery will last. Make sure that you buy a battery that fits your needs.

Last Words 

Owning an electric trike is an excellent way to get exercise and spend time outdoors in your backyard. If you want to expand your horizons beyond your local neighborhood, there are numerous stores that sell electric trikes. With a bit of research and perseverance, you can find a great deal. Before you buy your own electric trike motorcycle, be sure to do your research and know as much as possible about your particular model.

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