Essential Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide For Beginners

A man with a helmet on a motorcycle

It is essential when buying a motorcycle helmet to make sure it is a proper fit. Not all motorcycle helmets are made the same. So keep it in mind that as you are reading that you may wear a medium size from one manufacturer and large size from another. However, one manufacturer calls a medium, another calls a large, even though they may be the same physical size inside the helmet. For safety reasons and comfort, it is imperative to get a properly fitting helmet. After all, this is the essential piece of motorcycle gear worn. Are you thinking about purchasing a motorcycle helmet? Then keep reading. Do not take the manufacturer’s labeled size for granted unless you want to make a second trip to your motorcycle dealer. Below is a necessary step list you should take in determining the proper size for your head.


A man riding a motorcycle on a city street

The essential cap fitting aspect to consider before deciding on motorcycle helmet size is helmet shape. The shape of the rider’s head plays an essential part in choosing a properly fitting bike helmet. All helmet makers plan their covers to fit a particular head shape. These frequently range across three essential designs – long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. 

Long Oval – Shaped for a head that is longer front-to-back (from brow to the rear of the skull) than it is side-to-side (ear to ear). 

Intermediate Oval – Shaped for a head that is somewhat longer front-to-back than it is side-to-side. Most motorcycle helmets will fall into this class as it is the most well-known head shape; if a cap doesn’t state its shape, this is typically it. 

Round Oval – Shaped for a head that has practically identical front-to-back and side-to-side estimations. 

After determining the correct measurement of the head, you can select the helmet which fits in your head. 

Sizing A Motorcycle Helmet

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Measuring the motorcycle helmet size is very simple. The main thing is how the helmet fits on the rider’s head. However, to measure the proper head size, you should measure your head by measuring tape so that it can give the ultimate result. So, wrap around the rider’s skull with the tailors measuring tape and then see the size. 

Visual Check Of Your Motorcycle Helmet

First, your eyes should be almost in the center, with the top edge of the liner padding just above the eyebrows.

Now that you are wearing the helmet. Right? So use a mirror to look carefully at the way it fits. First, check to see if the cheek pads are in contact with the cheeks. Is there any excess pressure on the cheeks? Next, you should look for gaps between the temples and the brow pad. Lastly, check the back of the helmet where the neck roll (if the helmet has one) contacts the neck. Does it touch at all? Or is it pushing the motorcycle helmet away at the rear, causing it to roll down over the eyes in front?

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