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Worldwide Cyclery was founded on the principle to simply do things better. We have been and continue to break the mold of the typical retail model you’re used to in the bicycle industry. We are on a mission to build the best bike shop on the planet.

We’re a group of men and women who really enjoy three things: Bikes, Business and Beer. We see value in enjoying our lives, working in an industry we’re passionate about and around people we actually like. We built this shop on a backbone of exceptional customer experience, unique product offering, attention to detail and a modern day business model. We care about innovation, technology and bringing value to our customers. This is in many ways disrupting the way retail has been done in the bicycle industry for the past several decades. But by now you know, we are far from the typical bike shop and love being different and being better.    

Our deep knowledge and love is certainly embedded in the mountain bike scene. The best way to get to know us is through our Instagram & YouTube Channel. Custom builds, rare brands and top notch fancy stuff to make your bike better. Although we are rooted in the mountain bike world we didn’t forget about the other five-thousand types of two-wheeled fun. We are here to provide a great experience for each and every customer whether you’re doing a crazy expensive custom build with us or just buying some chain lube. We intend to be wherever you prefer to shop. Swing by either of our retail stores, cruise the website, find us on eBay or even Amazon. We are as multi-channel as it gets.


Mountain Bikes

+We’re here to support people having fun on bicycles.

+We’re here because we know we can do ”Bike Shop” better than it’s ever been done before.

+We’re here to impress customers and to impress ourselves.

+We’re here to challenge the status quo in the bicycle industry.

+We’re here because a typical work day should include a dozen outbursts of laughter.

+We’re here because working around people who piss you off, in an industry you don’t care about, is for normal people — not us.

+We’re here because we know life is meant to be lived with the least amount of stress and the most amount of FUN!

Who’s The Nut-Job That Started The Place?

Mountain Bikes

That would be me, Jeff. Also known as “The dude in the YouTube videos with the funny hair.” I believe in chasing your passions in life, having fun doing it and hopefully making some people happy along the way. I’ve ridden and raced bikes since I was a kid. I developed a burning passion for entrepreneurship, business and technology around the age of 19 and Worldwide Cyclery is the birth of those passions. The company may have started as a one man show back in January 2011 but it is well beyond me these days. Of all the cool stuff about Worldwide Cyclery I’m most proud of the amazing team we’ve assembled. We’re running a pretty damn impressive operation and it keeps growing and growing. Our values are sound and our work ethic is strong. More importantly, every single person laughs multiple times a day at “work”

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