Harley-Davidson Is A More Approachable Brand Than You Might Think


Harley-Davidson is one of those iconic names that carry a certain image with it. The image was carefully crafted over the years. Some might say it is because of the way the bike manufacturer market the bikes, while others might say that it is because of the type of people who liked this type of bikes. Whatever be it, we all have some preconceived notions in our mind about the bike and the brand. But, is that the real image? Maybe we need to look closer.

Harley-Davidson Has An Image

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Harley-Davidson Is A More Approachable Brand Than You Might Think
Harley-Davidson Is A More Approachable Brand Than You Might Think

When you think of Harley-Davidson, you can think of certain types of riders. This image varies as per our notions. Some will imagine a man in a leather jacket, cowboy boots, and a handkerchief, riding a large colored mock-up. These stereotypes can be found in the market among consumers, but they are not that widely attributed to all brands.

A Shift In Harley Davidson Model?

In recent years, Harley has decided to shift its target audience, or so it seems. The company is expanding its range with more various types of motorbikes, that cater to riders of all types, sizes and skill levels. It also runs a Harley Riding Academy, a training where new drivers can change from never driving to a licensed motorcyclist.

New Harley-Davidson Models Appeal To Different Set Of Riders

Harley-Davidson Is A More Approachable Brand Than You Might Think
Harley-Davidson Is A More Approachable Brand Than You Might Think

The majority of Harley’s appeal to new riders is the street bike lane. Harley-Davidson introduced the Roadline in 2014 as a new entry-level model for the brand, where the previous Sportster had been a Harley access point for decades. Road bikes use the Revolution X engine, a liquid V-cooled twin available for 494cc and 749cc trips on 500 Street and 750 Street respectively. There is also a new Street Rod, a revised version of Street 750 with a more powerful engine, a more sporty and ergonomic display that the driver tilts later.

These bikes are not only smaller and less scary than the more traditional Harley motorcycles, but also economical. H-D is a premium brand and the price of most of its engines reflects that, but all three Street models start at less than $ 10,000, with Street 500 starting at $ 7,000.

Harley Davidson Is More Approachable

You will probably never think of approaching a Harley-Davidson dealer if you have never driven a motorcycle before, but most retailers can help you with the choice of a motorcycle during your first visit. Most HD distributors have JumpStart, a kind of test bed that allows people who have never climbed before they are on a real bike, accelerate and go through gears to simulate a driving experience. Riding with JumpStart is a very good starting point to see if a motorcycle is something that you want to enter.

That’s why you can sit on JumpStart for simulated trips, take a Riding Academy training with Harley and purchase your first HD bike, which can be as simple and non-threatening as the 500 Street for less than $ 7,000. It’s not necessary to be part of any club type to become an HD fan. Regardless of its reputation, Harley-Davidson is a brand where everyone is welcome.

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