Here’s What It’s Like To Ride An Electric Motorcycle

In recent years there has been an increase in greenhouse gases. Emissions of Co2 and NOx from fuel driven vehicles are one of the major contributors to the greenhouse effect. This has resulted in an explosion of electric bikes and motorcycles in the market. Brands like Zero, Evoke, Energica, and Lightning have already established themselves in this niche. Riding electric motorcycle is different from riding fuel driven motorbike.  So here’s what you can expect on your first ride of the electric motorcycle.


Silence is a key characteristic of any type of electric vehicle. When you are riding an electric motorcycle, you may not hear familiar roar of the engine or exhaust and you will experience the absence of transmission noise. The only sound you will hear will gush of wind and hum of tyres on the road.

Although the absence of noise is pleasing, it also has its own shortcomings. People become aware of your presence on the road with the sound of your bike. With zero sound you become invisible and silent on the road and this requires you to be more vigilant while riding.

Here's What It's Like To Ride An Electric Motorcycle
Here’s What It’s Like To Ride An Electric Motorcycle


All you need is a quick twist of the throttle to set off on the road. A small twist to the throttle instantly accelerates vehicle with the availability of 68 pound-feet of average torque at any given time and speed. Furthermore, there is no shifting of gears from neutral to first which has the lowest speed output. Hence, you will start off smooth and your rides will be effortless as you all have to do is glide over the road without shifting gears.

Fewer Vibrations And Less Heat

With an electric motorbike, you will experience fewer vibrations during your ride. Also, engines of these bikes don’t heat up quickly and rider won’t experience heat from the engine on their legs on long rides.

Absence Of Mechanical Cues

With electric motorcycles, you have to adapt with lack of physical and acoustic cues which indicates shifting of gear points and engaging of clutches or breaks.

Downhill Speed

Riding an electric motorbike down the hill feels like riding a peddled bike down the hill. You should be careful and cautious while riding down the slopes as you will be descending much faster than you assume. Also, as mentioned above, the lack of any sound of gears and engine makes you unnoticeable. Hence, extra care on your part becomes essential while riding downhill.

No Engine Breaking

There is no engine breaking on any standard electric motorbikes. You may take some getting used to these new adjustments. Companies are developing regeneration systems which can act as engine breaks and rechargers for batteries. But these are not yet fully developed and may take time to enter markets.

Here's What It's Like To Ride An Electric Motorcycle
Here’s What It’s Like To Ride An Electric Motorcycle

Things You Won’t Have To Do Anymore

  • Replace and filter engine oil
  • Pay for fuel
  • Check engine oil
  • Replace clutch
  • Change the timing belt
  • Change spark plugs
  • Maintain clutch fluid levels to optimum
  • Lubricate choke cables
  • Adjust valve clearance
  • Sync throttle and speed
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