Yamaha History Of Motorcycles

History Of Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha is a Japanese company that first became popular for producing quality musical instruments, but later it began producing motorcycles as well. In 1955, it came out with some inexpensive and straightforward motorbikes. However, it also started its production in Powersports powerhouse materials. It offers some of the best quality sports bikes, cruisers, and off-road bikes. This motorbike producer company ranks in the second position only after Honda, another Japanese manufacturer. If you are a great fan of Yahama bikes, then you should also know some interesting historical facts about it. Here I have shared some surprising facts about this motorcycle brand; so let’s check out.

History Of Yamaha Motorcycles
History Of Yamaha Motorcycles

Historical Facts About Yahama

  1. In 1851, Torakusu Yamaha was born, and he was watchmaker for a couple of days in his early life, and he made his first reed organ when he passed thirty.
  2. In 1890, he contacted Nippon Gakki Company Limited to make pianos and organs together.
  3. He expired in 1916.
  4. After WWII, in 1955, the president of the company, Genichi Kawakami decided to come out with some affordable motorbikes. The YA-1 Motorcycle and DKW RT125 were the first-ever bikes this company produced. Their bikes are even more affordable than their pianos.
  5. In 1957, they came out with 250cc twin-cylinder YD-1 which is the renewed version of a German bike.
  6. Ever heard the name of Cooper Motors? It was the first-ever Yahama motorcycle USA people encountered. The independent sellers produced models, including YD-1 and MF-1. 
  7. In 1959, they came up with the new model of YDS-1 that served as sports bikes for more than 20 years.
  8. In 1960, the Yamaha International Corporation which is a motorcycle seller began distributing bikes in the USA.
  9. It also participated in the first-ever championship in 1964.
  10. The YDS-3 is the first-ever street bike from this company that was appreciated my American people wholeheartedly.
  11. Unlike no other manufacturer, this company came out with four-stroke engines that produce brilliant performance and racing speed. In 1967’s Grand Prix racing, these cycles first came into view.
  12. Can you guess the name of the world’s first-ever dual-purpose motorcycle? It is the DT-1 Enduro.
  13. Its first 4-stroke motorcycle model is XS-1, showed up in 1970.
  14. In 1975’s World Championship, Giacomo Agostini first won the 500cc.
  15. 1976 is the year when  XT500 came on earth, which was better than any motorcycle according to Britsh mystique.

More Historical Facts About Yamaha

Let’s find out some more bonus historical facts about this famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.

  1. It made a better market place in 1977 in the USA market with its quality products and appealed more and more customers.
  2. Kenny Roberts won his first 500cc World Championship with his bike in 1978, ‘79, and ‘80 too. He made the American people and the whole world believe that his primary achievement wasn’t a fluke win.
  3. In 1978, XS650 came on the earth.
  4. 1979 witnessed a fuel-saving 4-stroke engines system
  5. 1981 welcomed the Virago 750, the company’s first air-cooled V-Twin cruiser
History Of Yamaha Motorcycles
History Of Yamaha Motorcycles

I have shared all the historical information I knew about Yahama. What about you, do you have anything interesting to share with us? Please do so in the comment box below.

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