How to Build a Trackday Bike


No wonder you are not Valentino Rossi to be born with extra-ordinary skills. But this doesn’t mean you cannot try track riding. Your skills are bound to be developed with strong determination and a true passion. Similarly, building a trackday bike is not as daunting as it sounds. You can get a lot of providers and circuits to try it out. Your bike also doesn’t need to be high-end and the latest one. Hence, if you are searching for the guidelines to build a trackday bike, here you go. Here are some of the best suggestions explained to you, which are shared by the experts. Read on to know all the dos and don’ts about trackday bike building. It will surely help you to build a trackday bike on your own.

How to Build a Trackday Bike
How to Build a Trackday Bike
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The Machine

It is the most crucial element of a trackday bike. As we have already discussed, you don’t need the latest or the best model and a good-working stock suspension will do the work. The most important elements are the suspension and engine tuning. Also, you need to ensure safety, survivability, and reliability when you are a beginner. With time, you will adapt all the skills to make it better.


The second important aspect is the protection and this one cannot be overlooked. Of course, there are some risks involved with trackday bike riding and every biker faces it during riding. Moreover, when the kickstand is flipped up, one can easily lose balance and meet an accident. Interestingly, during racing, the number of accidents is less than you can imagine. The hardest part of the game is on the lowside, where the bikers skid because of the bike slipping out. If the injury is less and the bikers don’t lose hope, they move ahead.


Right after protection, it is the control that comes to our mind. When in working order, the stock controls don’t create any problem. Yet, you need to ensure that you have a set of folding levers. It will control your balance without making you any trouble. As the good quality folding levers fold back away, you can get back easily to the riding position and enjoy it. You must know that all controls are not built equally and therefore when you are opting for an aftermarket lever, you need to check it thoroughly.

How to Build a Trackday Bike
How to Build a Trackday Bike

Safety Wire

This one is very important and you need to know the purpose of safety wire at first. It comes with a locking mechanism, which helps you to have a smooth ride. You can easily opt for the best one by reading online articles. Some of the most common safety wires are oil filters, and oil filler caps. However, you need to ensure that it needs to provide tension in the direction. Tightening the bolt is also essential as otherwise; it will easily fall off during the ride. Destructive forces, vibration, and twisting are the most common problems that cause the fasteners and odd bits to fall off easily. Ensuring all these points will let you excel in trackday biking.

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