How to Shift Motorcycle Gears


Shifting motorcycle gears can be challenging. The act itself needs a lot of practice. When you’re on the road, this should be as effortless as breathing. Otherwise, you might get into an accident. The key is to practice frequently. This will help you develop some muscle memory for shifting motorcycle gears. Here’s a guide on how to shift motorcycle gears.

Parts involved

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How to Shift Motorcycle Gears
How to Shift Motorcycle Gears

There are three motorcycle parts that are involved in shifting gears. The first is the clutch, which engages the engine that powers the hind wheel. You can make your bike stationary using the clutch, regardless of how much you pull on the throttle. This lever is located on the left handlebar.

The second part is the throttle. This is located on the right handlebar. You rotate your twist in order to increase the amount of gas that will reach the engine. Rotating towards you will increase the gas while rotating outward will decrease the gas. You should always start with your wrist flat over the bar.

The third part is the gear shift lever. This is located on the lower left side of the bike. You use your foot in order to shift gears. The first position which is at the bottom is the first gear. The second is neutral, followed by the succeeding gears that sometimes reach up to the sixth gear. Each notch is equivalent to a gear. The higher the lever, the higher the gear.

How to shift smoothly

How to Shift Motorcycle Gears
How to Shift Motorcycle Gears

First, select the appropriate gear that you need. Then, disengage the clutch, you can do this by using your left hand. Squeeze the lever completely. Then, rotate the throttle towards you. Do this slowly. Gradually release your hand from squeezing the clutch lever. Do not do this suddenly as you might shoot forward and injure yourself. Simultaneously, increase the rotation on the right wrist. This will cause your motorcycle to accelerate.

Eventually, you can release the clutch fully and then match the acceleration using the throttle. Just repeat all the steps if you wish to shift to another gear.

Other tips

How to Shift Motorcycle Gears
How to Shift Motorcycle Gears

The key here is to practice all the time. Find a space where you can practice. You can try an empty parking lot. Space should be open. You should be away from traffic and there should be little to no obstacles present.

You will be using the clutch level a lot. One can moderate his speed using this lever. Whenever you are accelerating at a level that is uncomfortable to you, just squeeze the clutch lever completely. Then, use your right thumb to press the button for the engine cutoff.

Take your time on this learning process. Do not get frustrated if you cannot seamlessly shift gears yet. You will eventually get there. Drive according to your skill level. Do not attempt to ride without sufficient practice.

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