Know Everything About Bilt Motorcycle Gear -

Know Everything About Bilt Motorcycle Gear

bilt motorcycle gear

You would love to drive motorcycles and wish to go on a long drive either alone or with your friends. You usually carry all the necessary items with you like a wallet, mobile phone, earphones and many more but one of the important things you always forget is good motorcycle gear. It is really important for a motorcyclist to be prepared with complete motorcycle gear. It will not only keep them safe but also let them enjoy their ride to the fullest. You can get one from the Bilt Motorcycle gear as they have a variety of accessories with various options.

Trustworthy And Proven Bilt Motorcycle Gear

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The Bilt motorcycle gear comes with a strong and unbreakable commitment towards the safety of the rider. They focus on making some highly durable material. All the accessories come with proper certification as the helmets are DOT-Certified. You can freely enjoy your ride with your family and friends, and if, unfortunately, something happens, you got the best gear to protect you from some major injuries.

All Featured Jacket From Bilt Motorcycle Gear

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You can get a wonderful jacket made up of leather and comes with a classic square-cut style. You can get the various zip options with hand pockets and hand warmers. There are some jackets which you can even find waterproof. You can get increased ventilation, specific design, or abrasion-resistant.

Sprint Gloves

You can also get leather palm gloves, which help to flow air properly to your hands. The sprint glove by bilt is perfect for track days, supermoto racing, and city riding. The gloves have so many features such as Shorty cuff style, unlined for a closer fit, rubber molded finger vents, pre-curved sport fit. It also comes with a full leather palm along with suede overlays, thermo-set molded airflow knuckles, quality supple leather with airflow sections.

Bilt Dexter Shoes

The bilt dexter shoe is basically for riders, and it is a fully synthetic motorcycle riding shoe that is specially made to look like a casual sneaker. These shoes are lightweight casual sport boots, so you don’t feel the weight while riding. It comes with so many features like polyester synthetic upper, lightly padded topline and ankle, molded synthetic sole, side zipper for easy entry, lace-up closure with multi-point eyelets. This bilt motorcycle gear shoe has molded rubber ankle trim, synthetic gear change pad and toe trim, reflective piping around the heel counter.

Bilt Techno 2.0 SENA Bluetooth Helmet

The bilt techno 2.0 Bluetooth helmet comes in the market along with integrated SENA DWO-5 Bluetooth technology. This helmet is ready to connect with any Bluetooth enabled devices, and it also has great ventilation, a drop-down tinted sun shield all in a convenient full-face design, and a removable liner. The best part of this helmet is that it has so many features such as double D-ring safety fastening, fully removable lining with chin deflector, DOT approved, quality metallic paint with double lacquer or flat matte finish, etc.

There are so many other things that are necessary for the rider. Here you have read some of the important bilt motorcycle gear and other things.

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