Mobile Stand For Bike

Mobile Stand For Bike

You often need a mobile to navigate while you are riding the bike. Maybe you are an amateur biker, or you need to use your bike for regularly, you seem to use your phone for navigation. But the problem is, you need a Mobile Stand For Bike to place your phone while you are riding the bike. It is not possible to stop at every point and take out the phone to follow the direction to your destination. We have the solution for you. We are talking about a mobile stand for a bike phone mount.

Mobile Stand For Bike Phone Mount

You often worry that your phone might slip or fall when you are riding. This waterproof mobile phone mount holder stand has grip cradles that prevent your phone from slipping or falling. You can easily access your phone when you are riding your bike and need to use the help of navigation frequently. Your phone will remain handy.

Moreover, you can listen to music while driving the bike. This waterproof mobile phone mount makes your ride smooth and comfortable. Your phone is safe from rain or fog when you are riding the bike.

Convenient To Install and Remove

Installing and removing the phone holder stand from your bike or motorcycle is very easy. This waterproof mobile phone holder can be installed in handlebars with less than 45mm in diameter. You need to screw the flipper to attach the mobile holder firmly to any place.

Moreover, the process to remove the mobile phone holder is very easy. You require to push the phone to remove it.

Product Details:

The mobile phone holder is compatible with most mobile brands and models. This product is adjustable and flexible. Moreover, you can rotate thus up to 360 degrees. The mobile phone holder also has an earphone cable hole. You can put the jack of your headphone and listen to music or the radio while you drive. Moreover, you might need to listen to live traffic updates or navigation directions while driving. As we said, this mobile phone holder is compatible with most of the mobile brands. This product can hold mobile phones up to 6.3 inches in length.

Shape And Size

The mobile phone holder is made of TPU plastic and polyester. These materials are completely waterproof. The holder is made in such a way that your phone doesn’t get damaged by water or moisture. The dimension of the holder is 7.1 inch by 4.3 inches by 1 inch.

Moreover, this mobile phone holder has dual zippers and storage slots. This product also has a raised guard at its top. The guard will prevent the unnecessary light that reflects on the mobile screen. You can easily read the instruction and follow the navigation details from your phone while you are driving.

You can get this product just at $36.52. Moreover, one can get this product anywhere in the world without any shipping cost.

Mobile Stand For Bike: Conclusion

If you are a rider and love to explore the roads untravelled, this is the best product to fulfill your dream.

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