Motorcycle Cable Guide To Maintain Your Bike Cables

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As with virtually all components on your motorcycle or bike, your controls cables require on-going maintenance. However, well-cared cables will function better and make your bike’s operation fresher and smooth. Apart from this, it helps to ensure your cables do not fail at any opportune moment. However, it can save your money as well. It is important to maintain your cable so that it can get a long-life. Here is some motorcycle cable guide to maintaining your bike cables. 

Tips To Maintain Bike Cables 

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  • First, check the cables carefully that which nipple sizes you need. You may use the clever DIY mechanics DIY brass rods from the local DIY store.
  • However, you should always remember to order end ferrules. You can use the adjuster from the old cable as well. 

#1 Cut Cable To Length 

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 At first, solder a nipple to one end of the cable core, assemble the cable, and trail fit it on the bike to measure the exact length to the controls. At this time, you have to remember to screw any adjuster to the basic setting and check it. Make sure that the cable outer must lie perfectly in the adjuster, and it should not lying on the outside edge so that one can easily cut and core the length. 

#2 Spread The Cable Core In Soldering Nipple 

It is very vital to check twice before soldering the nipple. Because once you have done this, then you can not adjust the cable. So, first, take the cable and do soldering; after that, you can solder the second nipple. However, you can clean the end of the cable with brake cleaner as well. Thus, you can solder the nipple perfectly by following this tip. 

#3 Clean End Of The Cable With Soldering Nipple In Liquid Flux 

If you want to clean the cable perfectly, then you have to dip the end of the cable into liquid flux. It is essential for the solder to adhere; otherwise, it will pearl of wire. As cleaning with brake cleaner is not sufficient to clean the cable perfectly. 

#4 Soldering Nipples 

You have to heat up the nipple with soldering iron. One tip for you at this time, you should not heat the core to glowing because it would make it brittle. After that, you can apply the solder to the nipple from the above with the spread-out end of the core pointing downwards. 

Bottom Line 

There are various techniques for adding lubricant and soldering your cables. The best way to cut corners off a plastic bag and then poke the cable through the corner and create a receptacle for the lubricant. You should always use the lubricant to the motorcycle cable so that it can be run smoothly. After adding the lubricant, if it comes out or dribbles, then you should wipe the extra.  Always try to maintain your motorcycle regularly so that the cable would be good for a long time. And you can run your motorcycle smoothly.

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