Motorcycle Helmet Accessories – Enhancing Your Ride

motorcycle helmet accessories

If you ride motorcycles, you most likely already realize the importance of motorcycle helmet accessories. They come in many shapes and forms. Some are for style while others are to protect from head injuries in case the rider loses control or cannot properly handle their bike. Accessories can either be bought separately or can be a part of your motorcycle gear when you buy one. Below is a brief rundown of the top accessories available to motorcycle riders.

An Overview

Motorcycle lights are among the most important motorcycle helmet accessories for safety reasons. Many riders ride without any lights at all. Others wear only a reflective type. No matter what, the presence of lights on your bike at night or while riding at low speeds can help you to be seen by other drivers and help avoid collisions. Lights on a bike also make it much easier to identify your location in case you are in an accident.

One of the best accessories available for motorcycle helmets is a helmet lock. Helmet locks secure the helmet so that only you can remove it. This is especially helpful when you live somewhere that does not have a law that allows you to take the helmet off when you ride. Without the lock on it can be easily stolen by someone who is not authorized to have it. There are many different types of locks, including those that are built right into the helmet itself.

Top Accessories

You’ve probably seen the so-called “bling” accessories that are becoming popular with celebrities riding motorcycles. While they do make you look awesome, they do come at a price. While they may look alike to the everyday studs you would find on a pair of jeans, motorcycle helmet accessories made from rhinestone sparkles are actually worth their weight in gold. Rhinestone sparkles give any motorcycle helmet accessories that extra wow factor. These are usually found on the rear of motorcycle helmets.

If you are planning to go cruising at high speeds, consider investing in a set of seat sliders. These add an extra safety feature to your already safe and comfortable helmet. These sliders cover the back portion of your face and prevent objects from scraping your face as you cruise along at high speeds. When buying a helmet for riding at high speeds, be sure that the back is not exposed to a constant abrasive like road debris or bugs. If these irritants are present, the smooth surface that protects your head will wear out much faster than you would expect.

Buying Process 

While we all know that helmets do protect us from serious injury, you may want to make sure that you are also protected from the sun and flying objects. To add to the protection that you get from a helmet, why not invest in a set or two of motorcycle headlights? These typically attach to your helmet via wires that are attached to the handlebars. They come in various colors, but white lights are the most popular due to their visibility, so choose this color if you prefer that.

Safety helmet stickers are another feature that you can add to your riding gear to provide extra safety. These stickers provide you with a way to identify which area of your motorcycle is in need of repair. You can also use these stickers during night riding so that other drivers will not be distracted by the bright flash of your braking light. No matter what type of motorcycle accessories or safety equipment you would like to purchase, you can rest assured that you can find everything that you need in the line of motorcycle accessories.

Go Online 

Sooner or later, every biker who takes a ride will need to find a way to show off his or her motorcycle helmet lights. There are a variety of ways that you can decorate your helmet lights to make them unique and keep up with the latest trends in motorcycle helmet lights. Whether you would like to add some bling to your already flashy helmet or would prefer to add some bling to the area between your grill and the top tube, there are a variety of options for you. 


No matter which style of motorcycle helmet lights you prefer to ride with, there are a number of ways to enhance your ride and take pride in your stylish gear. Whether you decide to stick with original blinkers or want some flash to accentuate the area between your grill and the top tube, there are options out there for you.

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