Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks That You Can DIY

They say that something lasts longer if you take proper care of it. The same thing is true for motorcycles. These vehicles need motorcycle maintenance tasks to keep them in shape. These routine checks can help prevent accidents by making sure that no part ever malfunctions on the road. You can take your bike to the shop monthly, or you can do the motorcycle maintenance tasks yourself. Here are some motorcycle maintenance tasks that you can DIY.

Changing the oil

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You need the change the oil every after few miles. This depends per bike. You can just check the owner’s manual to determine how frequently you should change the oil.

First, warm up your bike. ride your bike for about five minutes. This will make the oil easier to drain. The heat will make the oil less viscous. Then, turn the engine off and let the bike stand upright. Remove the drain plug and the oil fill plug. Allow the oil to escape into a pan.

This process can get messy. Try covering your work area with a tarp or some aluminum foil. Once everything is drained, install a new filter. Replace all the parts that you can still recycle.

Changing the air filter

The air filter helps keep any dust, dirt, and other debris out of your engine. You need to replace it if it gets clogged or dirty. Otherwise, your bike will perform poorly.

This task is fairly easy but it can take a while. It all depends on where the air filter is located. Some are easily accessible while others are buried beneath the gas tank and other parts.

Replace the coolant

The coolant prevents the engine from extreme temperatures like overheating or freezing. This also helps the engine prevent any corrosives. You can replace the coolant by removing the coolant drain bolt. Drain everything and then refill the system using a funnel. Replace everything then warm up your engine. The amount of coolant will vary per motorcycle. Check the owner’s manual to know the specific amount that your bike needs.

Maintaining tire pressure

Your tires should always be on its best shape because this prevents accidents. It allows you to drive safely. First, check the tire pressure. Check for the valve stem in the inside of the wheel then unscrew the cap. Place the air pressure gauge inside the stem. The pressure must be the same as to what is imprinted on the wheel. Adjust the air pressure accordingly. Use an air compressor to add more pressure. Most gas stations have an air compressor that you can use. Once you’re done, replace the cap on the valve stem. Make sure that it is tightly wound so that the air won’t escape the tire.

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