Motorcycle Study Guide - 7 Tips On Bike Maintenance -

Motorcycle Study Guide – 7 Tips On Bike Maintenance

motorcycle study guide

Is your bike your first love? Have you never missed any chance to go for a bike ride? Are you wondering how to maintain a motorcycle? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the correct place. Well, motorcycle maintenance plays an essential role in a smooth and good ride. Moreover, the better condition offers you a safer ride. So, today we have brought a proper motorcycle study guide on how to do motorcycle maintenance. Let’s take a ride:

Easy Yet Wonderful Tips On Motorcycle Maintenance:

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Generally, it is said that you put new oil into your bike every year. However, if you took long miles with your bike, it is highly recommended to change oil twice or thrice in a year.

Moreover, if you ride in rough and first areas, your oil’s quality will damage faster, so you should change it after a ride. Apart from this, do remember to check the oil before taking a ride and ensure that the oil is at max level. If the oil is not on top, add more.

Tires- Motorcycle Study Guide:

Check the air in tires and any signs that cause puncture or break. Moreover, always put the right quantity of air in the tire to avoid accidents and smooth ride. Plus, adequate pressure increases the life of tires.


Before hitting the road, check your brakes to ensure that they are working well. In other words, test the level of brake fluid. Thus, you should change your brake fluid every year to increase the immense performance of your brakes. Also, don’t forget to test the thickness level of the brake pads.

Air Filter:

Clean and clear your air filter every day. And you can use compressed air to do this. However, an unclean filter can make your engine harder, which is why cleaning it from time to time is essential. Not only does it allow the engine to work smoother, but it also gives more power to your bike.

Drive Chain:

This gear works as a mediator between your rear wheel and your engine as it delivers the power between the two. But if the drive chain does not care properly, it can be responsible for accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to grease your chain before taking a ride.


Do you have a fuel filter on your bike? If yes, then it is necessary to unclog and clean it. Apart from that, you should also check fuel lines for accidents. If you find any sign of wear and tear or cracking, you should change the lines as soon as possible.


The last tip in our motorcycle study guide is to increase your battery’s life and keep it 100% charged. You can use a trickle charger to do this. Moreover, don’t forget to clean your shower. You can use a wet cloth to clean the battery.

We hope our motorcycle study guide on maintaining a bike helps you keep your bike in good condition. So, follow these tips properly and enjoy long rides.

Have a safe ride!

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