Motorcycle That Fits: How To Choose


A motorcycle that you can operate comfortably, control easily, use safely is the right fit for you. The vehicle should fit your body in such a way that your hands, backsides, and feet are positioned comfortably. It should also be easier for you to operate all the levers and switches. Similarly, it should also fit your experience level and intended purpose. Finding a motorcycle that fits is little tricky.

There are different varieties of motorcycles available throughout the market. These include cruisers, sport-tourers, sport bikes, standards, dual-purpose bikes, and touring bikes. Some critical factors to consider in making the right choice are as follows:

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Motorcycle That Fits: How To Choose
Motorcycle That Fits: How To Choose

Consider Your Experience Level When Choosing A Motorcycle That Fits

If you have specific physical limitations like problems with your wrists, back, or excessive weight, consider them when choosing a bike. Another essential thing to consider is that simply because you can use a motorcycle does not mean it will be the right choice for you.

Having a basic idea of the bike you are looking to buy will help you in sizing up several ergonomic factors. You can also determine whether the vehicle will be a perfect fit for you or not.

Your Hands Should Reach All The Parts Comfortably

The switches of the bike should be easily operable by your hands. Your fingertips should reach the switches. You should also be able to loosen the bike hardware accordingly so that the buttons and knobs can be accessed easily. The clutch levers and front brake should also be within easy reach of your fingers. You should be able to rotate them in a better position.

Coming to the handlebars, if they seem to be uncomfortable, the bike would not be perfect for you. However, this is something you can decide on only after having the vehicle home. Of course, you will have to spend some money on swapping the handlebars if they are not comfortable.

A word of caution here is that since altering the handlebars will change the motorcycle’s control, quickness, aerodynamic considerations, and gravity center to a certain degree, discuss the proposed changes with the dealers and then make the right move.

Motorcycle That Fits – What About Your Feet?

Your feet should be able to cover the motorcycle’s rear brake and the shifter. Coming to the positioning of footpegs, it is one problem you would not be able to diagnose until you ride the bike. Luckily, footpeg positions can easily be adjusted. The aftermarket firms provide rear set tools for sports motorcycles.


The saddle determines your body position concerning the footpegs and the handlebar. It also affects the way your feet reach the ground. Make sure that the height of the saddle is comfortable enough and allows both feet to get to the ground.

Motorcycle That Fits: How To Choose


The guessing game is one when you try choosing a new motorbike. While there are people who seem to be okay with the standard configurations of the manufacturers, there are others who want their customized vehicles. Remember the three contact points- saddle, hand, and feet when choosing a motorbike.

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