Review: 2019 Yamaha MT-15


Bikes are a very famous mode of transport in comparison to cars and other vehicles. Yamaha MT-15 is a great bike. They are economical in price and also help you travel from one place to another faster than cars. Hence, with the modern-day traffic, only bikes can filter between them and reach their destination.

The bikes have come a long way from just being a mode of transport. Moreover, bikes have become much faster and stronger in terms of its engines. They can go faster than cars if put in a race. In fact, Moto GP is a sports event that showcases the great speeds which a bike can achieve.

There are a number of brands that manufacture these superbikes in the world. Furthermore, there is an array of these if you want to buy them. One of the most famous and oldest in bike manufacturing companies is Yamaha. Yamaha is a Japanese brand of bike manufacturers. This company has produced many superbikes and has recently launched Yamaha MT-15.

Yamaha MT-15 is a famous sports bike that is loved by many across the globe. It is one of the most availed sports bikes in the world right now. Today we are going to review every single aspect of this superbike, so sit back and enjoy.

Review: 2019 Yamaha MT-15
Review: 2019 Yamaha MT-15

Styling Of Yamaha MT-15

Yamaha MT stands for master torque. It is one of the latest in the series of the MT of Yamaha. The bike is styled to look aggressive. It is made with highlighted sharp linings and angles. The tagline by Yamaha for this bike is, ‘The Dark Side Of Japan’, which fits the looks.

This bike comes in three color variants, Ice Fluo, Matte Blue, and Tech Black. And about the dimensions of MT-15, this bike comes under the naked category of bikes. It is compact and looks agile.

The Seat

Since it is a naked category bike, the bike saddle comes a bit thin to let you feel the road. This can be a problem for tall riders but is a great option for short height riders. The saddle is a bit narrow, which provides a comfortable ride for short riders.

Engine Of Yamaha MT-15

The engine of this bikes is a descendent of the racing heritage of Yamaha. The same engine is what we saw in the R-15 of Yamaha. It is a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine in different packaging. The maximum horsepower is 19.3 Hp at ten thousand RPM. The peak torque of the bike is 14.5 nm at 8500 RPM.

It has a very quick engine, which accelerates rapidly. Moreover, there is a negligible lag in the throttle twist and the engine’s response.

Review: 2019 Yamaha MT-15
Review: 2019 Yamaha MT-15

Ride And Handling

It comes with wide handlebars. The delta box technology of Yamaha is responsible for the lightweight and responsive handling of the bike. Hence, the bike is well balanced, which proves the proper weight distribution of it. So, riding this bike on wide roads is a delight.

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