Riding Motorcycle In Traffic: Safety Tips

Riding Motorcycle In Traffic Safety Tips

One of the most common road traffic accidents happens when a motorcyclist is riding without traffic safety tips and hits another vehicle, bike, or pedestrian. For most of us, riding a motorcycle in traffic is not very much fun, but we have to understand that it is part of the traffic rules and safety regulations.

Motorcycles have much smaller steering and suspension systems compared to cars and trucks. This means that they have a much smaller turning radius. On average, it takes motorcycles about 50 ft more distance to turn slowly to the right than cars and trucks.

Riding Motorcycle In Traffic Safety Tips
Riding Motorcycle In Traffic Safety Tips

Open Road

It is impossible to know whether the bike is turning when you are out on the open road. Most accidents occur because a driver or passenger is not paying attention to the road or they are unable to see the vehicle to the rear. When driving a motorcycle, you must always be attentive. You must be careful and aware of your surroundings.

One safety tip that is important when riding motorcycles in traffic is always to make sure that the front and backlights are on. At night, most people still are not aware of their surroundings, and when they are in an accident, it is sometimes hard to know whether the other vehicle is seeing them too. The backlights are always brighter, so this means that the other driver will have a better chance of seeing the rider.

Vehicle Driver

Never overtake another vehicle driver unless there is nothing else to do. Unless there is no other choice because there is only one vehicle on the left side of the road or the motorcyclist has just passed, and it is safe for them to go around, always allow other vehicles on the right to pass you.

When riding motorcycles, make sure that you obey all traffic laws. When you are riding motorcycles, traffic laws are not that important. It’s the basic courtesy that count. Most of the time, traffic signs will tell you to be careful, but the reality is that most of these rules don’t apply when you are riding motorcycles. We need to make sure that we abide by all traffic signs and all traffic laws when we are on the road.

Riding Motorcycle In Traffic Safety Tips
Riding Motorcycle In Traffic Safety Tips


The same applies to all other vehicle drivers too. If you see something that seems to be off, do not hesitate to stop to see if there is a more serious problem with the road that needs to be fixed or other traffic crash that needs to be looked into.

Remember that the last thing you want is to get involved in a collision with another motorcycle. We want to be extremely careful and always ride defensively but also in a responsible manner.


As you can see, it is important that you know how to drive a motorcycle when you are riding a motorcycle in traffic. There are other simple tips that we can share with you. Make sure that you remain careful and continue to follow the traffic laws and safety regulations while riding your motorcycle.

Keeping a safety checkbook or GPS with you at all times is a good idea as you will be able to look it up while driving and know that you are on the right road and can stay on the right side of the road. Another thing that I find really useful is a new video camera that I can use to record my trip.

This will help many motorcyclists be able to avoid accidents, as well as problems that may arise later on. It is very important that you make yourself and your bike safe by always following the road rules and being smart and cautious on the road.

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