Safety Tips For Harley Riders - Safety Tips For Harley Riders -

Safety Tips For Harley Riders

Safety Tips For Harley Riders

In this article, I am going to give you a few safety tips for Harley riders. Many riders make the mistake of assuming that these are general safety tips for Harley riders, but they are not.

A good tip is to put on safety glasses. It is a requirement for riders under 20 years old. Wear them when riding anywhere at night. This means that they must not go to sleep in their own bed, they must stay awake during the day and ensure that they do not get into an accident while they are driving.

Safety Tips For Harley Riders
Safety Tips For Harley Riders


The other tip is to always use the handbrake. This is a great safety tip because this will ensure that you are slowing down if you are travelling at low speeds, even if there is no traffic. It will also ensure that you are stopping your bike if you encounter an obstacle, for example, if you come across a barrier. Many Harley riders have fallen off their bikes due to getting out of control on steep hills or near the edge of a busy road. If you use the handbrake then you have very little chance of coming off the bike.

Always wear a helmet, and when you buy your helmet, check the strap to ensure that the bike has been securely fastened. It is a bad idea to ride with the helmet strap disconnected. You may be able to remove the helmet after you have stopped riding, but the strap will get caught again when you remove the helmet.


When wearing a motorcycle jacket, it is advisable to always tie a safety pin on to it. You should also check the eye-glasses with regards to whether they do not come loose easily and are easy to fasten and unfasten.

Always ride in an area where there is no traffic, so you will be safe from being hit by a vehicle that is in front of you. For this reason, it is better not to ride a bike on the street because if you were to hit somebody then they would be sent flying onto the street which could cause serious injury.

Make sure that your helmet does not move around. If it is moving too much then it will not provide protection for your head. For this reason, make sure that your helmet is well secured in the bike.

Safety Tips For Harley Riders
Safety Tips For Harley Riders


Make sure that the bike is completely free of any objects that could be dangerous. For this reason, it is wise to use a bike rack, rather than riding the bike through the open. Many people who have suffered serious head injuries have received treatment using bike racks.

Avoid trying to remove objects from the bike when you are riding. Instead, use the rack that you have attached to the bike to secure the bike.


If you feel that you are coming off the bike, it is best to squeeze the front brake. The main reason for doing this is to ensure that the front wheel is locked in place so that you do not come off the bike.

Always have an emergency phone handy. It may sound trivial but it could save your life when you least expect it.

As a summary, these are just a few of the general safety tips for Harley riders. But if you follow them all, you are sure to get the most enjoyment from your bike and be safer on the road.

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