Sports Bike Track Gear: How To Choose?

Sports Bike Track Gear: How To Choose?

Though motorcycles have evolved from riding two-wheelers to four-wheelers, many riders still prefer to use their bikes in track and racing events. In this light, it can be concluded that a good pair of riding apparel should always incorporate the most suitable kind of track gear to ensure a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. This article lists a guide that will help you choose the right gear for your sports bike track events. 

Determine The Purpose Of The Race

The type of track gear you need for your motorcycle race or track day will depend on the purpose of the event. If you are going to race a low-powered bike such as a sportbike, then you can count on wearing protective clothing like a helmet, jacket, pants, shin guards, boots, goggles, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. The optional safety gear you can add to your list of essentials includes seat belts, chains, lights, and reflective tape.

Sports Bike Track Gear: How To Choose?
Sports Bike Track Gear: How To Choose?

When you want to ride for pleasure, it is advisable to wear casual sportbike track gear. This type of apparel can be worn from morning to evening and usually come with removable sleeves and a vest.

Pick According To Weather

If you would like to enjoy your weekend trip even on the rainy or cold days, sportbike track gear comes in different weather conditions. Such gear can be easily removed from your bike to make it weatherproof. Some of the more popular types of suits for motorcycle racers include dry-suits, rain suits, racing wind tunnels, racing weather vests, racing windshields, and racing jacket vests.

Get To Know Your Body Style 

The right kind of clothing depends on the rider’s body style and riding experience. A sportbike rider who is just starting out in the sport should not wear leather jackets because it can be easily torn by gravel and dirt. If you are a beginner, comfort is the key. A lightweight suit will ensure that you can move comfortably on your first ride as well as the future rises. 

Consider The Fabric

Sportbike track gear comes in different colors and fabrics. The fabric is important because a race suit may come into contact with mud, snow, and dirt.

Fabric treated with a polypropylene coating will be very durable. But, some racing suits still come with a polyester coating which is more appropriate.

Suits made with cotton and other fabrics are also becoming popular among racers. But, it is important to note that these suits are not lightweight and usually cost more than a polypropylene suit.

Sports Bike Track Gear: How To Choose?
Sports Bike Track Gear: How To Choose?

Pick The Right Fit

The most important aspect to remember when selecting sportbike track gear is to choose the best fit possible. As you plan a weekend of fun, it is good to pick a casual track outfit that is easy to put on and remove. An active race rider will need something heavier and durable to wear to protect him against the elements.

Racing has evolved from riding to playing. To ensure a fun and exciting bike race, sportbike track gear needs to be chosen carefully. The aforementioned things are sure to help you pick the right gear!