Storing A Motorcycle Battery In Winter Tips


Motorcycle batteries are one of the most essential things you need to check. They are the powerhouse that results in your bike’s overall performance. When you are a frequent rider, who loves to take the off-road for travel, the bike batteries are more important. If you do not maintain the battery on a regular basis, this might lead to poor performance. Especially in winter, the batteries tend to slow down and here are some essential tips about storing a motorcycle battery in winter.

The standard bikes come with high battery maintenance issues whereas the bikes with a maintenance-free battery provide no issues. Checking the water level is one such task that can be relieved when you have a free-maintenance battery. Otherwise, charging the battery and every other task is the same with both the variants.

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Now, let us know the same and learn special skills to protect the battery further. When you know all these points, you don’t need to contact a technique every time there is a problem.

Storing A Motorcycle Battery In Winter Tips
Storing A Motorcycle Battery In Winter Tips

Regular Maintenance During Winter

The starter motors, ignition systems, lights and every other component in bikes function with the help of the battery. Hence, it is a biker’s responsibility to charge the battery on time. In fact, when you take care of the battery in a proper way, it lasts for three to five years approximately.  If you neglect the same, you need to invest in buying new batteries every single year.

Safety Instructions

Firstly, always stop your bike before you are touching the battery or working with it. Also, you need to wear protective gear like gloves and safety glasses. These will help you to work with the harmful lead-acid batteries. If it is a lithium battery, it is not too harmful. When working with a leaking battery, always wear a protective costume like full pants and full-sleeved tops.

Secondly, to clean acid spills, you can use baking soda with water. This solution neutralizes the acid and makes the task less dangerous.

Thirdly, keep the area clean after you do a repairing work.

Storing A Motorcycle Battery In Winter Tips
Storing A Motorcycle Battery In Winter Tips

Some Winter Maintenance Tips

After every 2,500-mile intervals, check your battery once. This can be estimated as after two months when you are a frequent rider. If you are not, you can do the checking in every three-four months. We know how easy it is to forget about the same, but it may affect you in the long run.

During the winter, charge your bike battery more if it requires. Usually, batteries tend to charge slowly in cold temperature and this is the reason for its poor performance at particularly that time of the year. During the winter, visually inspect the condition of your battery once every month and you are in a safer condition. Along with this, keep the terminals as clean as possible. It prevents corrosion and saves the bike’s life.

Experts suggest to also check whether there is any white acid formation around the negative terminal. If you notice the same, take proper steps in removing it.

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