The American Culture Of Motorcycle Safety


The American culture of motorcycle safety is a world where anything seems to be okay. Scooterists and motorcyclists in America do not follow a strict practice or attitude when riding their motorbikes. Every person has conflicting agendas and mixed messages. Helmets, no helmets, half helmets, full face, leather jacket, jeans, t-shirt, or shorts- these considerations are far away from the understanding of motorcyclists in America. There are hardly any steps taken for bringing down the number of fatalities caused due to motorcycle accidents.

The American Culture Of Motorcycle Safety
The American Culture Of Motorcycle Safety
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Is Motorcycle Safety A Norm In America?

Human endeavors apart from just motorcycling in America and also the rest of the world are getting proper safety procedures in place. There are airbags in cars, pesticide protection in foods, safety on the walkways for restaurant-goers and shoppers, and also security for children through lead bans in their toys. But what about the safety of using powered motorcycles in America? You will not find any universally agreed on standard in this context.

At present, approximately 21 states in the USA require eye protection and helmet use. Apart from this, if you are thinking of touring the country on your t-shirt and jeans or your fully armored equipment, you can easily do so. In the United States, they call this freedom. To be very clear, freedom is good. Every individual loves to be free, but freedom does not mean people should not take up any responsibility.

What Do Experts Have To Say About Motorcycle Safety Approach In America?

Freedom should be about people looking or trying to do all those things that can help them in improving the quality of their lives. Wise individual choices and also self-restraint should be in the perfect place when people enjoy freedom. In the United States, you will not find nationally mandated rules and standards for the safety of the riders. It is what makes the country, unlike other nations who practice proper motorbike safety standards.

Even experts in the field of motorcycle manufacturing and riding safety agree to the fact that the US is one country that has the least regard for motorbike safety. Hence, each state in the United States decides on the gear it thinks appropriate for motorbike riders.

The American Culture Of Motorcycle Safety
The American Culture Of Motorcycle Safety

What Do The Americans Think?

The one and the only safety measure that the country has put in place are artificially low-speed restrictions. However, the problem in the United States is that there is very little competence needed for getting on the road. There are no eligibility criteria for riding big bikes. It is mainly because all the states in America are practicing their safety standards.

There are different camps in the country with their very own sensibility of proper safety practices. There are no clear standards of motorbike safety in the USA. Thus, there are extreme cases of fatalities in different parts of the nation.

On the one hand, you will find marketers and instructors selling safety services and gear. On the other hand, some people believe safety gear offers protection only during nasty accidents.

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