The Motorcycle Whisperer: Safety Tips


When you are riding a motorcycle for the first time, riding in crowded streets may seem to be a nightmare. No more worries as we are here to guide you in it. The motorcycle whisperer shares some essential tips for a perfect ride every time you head to the street. Riding a heavy motorcycle in huge traffic won’t be a difficult game anymore when you follow these guidelines. Also, here are some dos and don’ts along with motorcycle protection tips. These will help you to learn the skill of flawless riding so that it becomes more exciting to you in the future. Learning motorcycle protection tips will ensure your bike’s longevity and superior performance. So, what are you waiting for? Give this article a read and follow the simple guidelines to enjoy biking.

The Motorcycle Whisperer: Safety Tips
The Motorcycle Whisperer: Safety Tips
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Motorcycle Whisperer: Watch Drivers’ Heads And Mirrors

This one is essential for riding and driving on any surface, be it on the mountain or in the city street. You can anticipate the driver’s sudden moves when you watch their head movements through their windows and mirrors. The trick is quite interesting. Most of the drivers will first move their head before lunging left or right and it will ensure your safety. This is more essential when the other drivers are not watching their mirrors. You can easily anticipate their movement by watching their head movements.

Motorcycle Whisperer: Cover Your Brakes

This one is the technique of riding that every beginner must acquire. You need to keep a finger or two on the brake lever to ensure you do not fumble before making any movement. Also, the experts suggest you keep your right toe close to the rear brake pedal as it will ensure more agility in sudden movements. It is essential as some of the careless drivers busy on phone may cut across your path and you will be ready with your movement spot on.

The Motorcycle Whisperer: Safety Tips
The Motorcycle Whisperer: Safety Tips

Be Ready With The Power

It doesn’t refer to rash driving and instead refers to responsible riding. Riding in a gear lower than the usual will help you to become ready to jump forward with your bike instantly. When the pickup suddenly moves over, you will get a chance to leap ahead instead of using the break always. It will surely make you a more skilled and experienced rider in the long run.

Stay Left Or Right During Slow Traffic

When you are riding in a city street, this technique is essential. When you see the traffic slowing suddenly, you need to stay either on left or on the right of the car in front of you. As a result, you will get an escape route and when the traffic is over, you can move ahead easily. Once you have made it be ready to clutch in. You need to keep an eye on the mirror and your bike on gear during this time. Finding an escape route will also enable you to move forward slowly during the traffic. You can achieve the same by asking for an expert’s training. These are the essential riding guidelines shared by the motorcycle whisperer.

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