The New BMW Electric Motorcycle Concept Is Amazing

bmw electric motorcycle

BMW’s popular double-cylinder, twin-plug, parallel-use (CD) model continues to grow in popularity among the green-minded, as well as consumers looking for a family-oriented vehicle with good gas mileage. The new BMW E model continues this trend with new models now hitting showrooms across the globe in record numbers. With many new features on the table, buyers will want to know what is new on the BMW E-model and what they mean to their lifestyle. Not only is a new E model an investment in both your bank account and your green credentials, but also a fun vehicle to drive. Let’s look at what you can expect on the new BMW E and what options you have to make it work for you.

BMW Electric Motorcycle Features

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A new electric motorcycle, the BMW e-Power Roadsters, is the most complete turning machine BMW has ever created. A new twin-cylinder engine, a battery pack optimized for higher performance and larger fuel capacity, a suspension system specifically designed for high-performance racing springs, a reworked suspension geometry, new front and rear shocks, a new titanium exhaust, a modified front sport bar with relocated brackets and a host of performance parts. A new front headlight, redesigned front handlebar controls, revised side skirts, and new carbon fiber bodywork complete the package. This is the new BMW e-power roadster prototype.

The “Boxer Engine” Version

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This is the original BMW motorcycle, the “boxer engine” version that first put BMW on the road in its own version of a sports bike. As such, this is one of the oldest production bikes still available from BMW. It has all of the benefits of a high-performance motorcycle: lightweight frame, strong engine, high-performance motor, lightweight tires, hydraulic Brembo brake system, lightweight forklifts, dual chain handles, full titanium front fender, dual exhaust, ABS brakes, and more. What sets this bike apart from the other models is the fact that it doesn’t use an internal combustion engine. Instead, it utilizes a battery to power all of the electrical components, including the main transmission and throttle linkage.

Design Concept Of BMW Electric Motorcycle

The concept behind BMWs is to design them so that they are completely compatible with everyday use. So, not only can the bike be used as a leisure bike or a daily commuting machine, it can also be used in off-roading conditions. This is what makes the BMW e-bike so unique, because you can ride it just like you would a standard motorcycle. Yes, it is that easy! All you need is a conventional bike to plug in the standard BMW battery and you are good to go.

The new electric motorcycle concept has received tremendous response within the past few months. In fact, sales of these cars have outpaced sales of both new Minibuses and Golfs. The reason why is because people simply love the idea of being able to ride around on two wheels with virtually no emissions. They just know that the e-bike represents the future of transportation, instead of driving a car.

Comparing Points Of BMW

Many different things have been compared to the new BMW e-bikes and one of these is the golf-themed BMW electric bike. Many golfers love to travel on fresh clean roads, and they look forward to long drives on relatively easy to manage motorcycles. If you have even someone who plays golf, then you know that the only way to truly enjoy the game is by riding a BMW. You can now take the fun of riding a BMW to a whole new level. The idea of riding a BMW on a golf course is rather ridiculous, but it does make sense when you look at these two different motorcycles.

Both motorcycles drive off of similar electric engines, so they both have the ability to take long family rides or leisurely rides around the block. With an engine as powerful as the BMW, you would be hard pressed to find another vehicle that could match it in terms of power. The battery packs of BMW electric motorcycles and other electric vehicles are so small that they can fit in the trunk of a truck, allowing for easy travel on the open road. This means that anyone looking for a great family sedan is going to have plenty of options to choose from.


Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this new concept is that anyone, from kids to the elderly, can ride it. It is an adult sized sportbike that looks and feels like the real thing. The driving position is completely transformed, with the front wheel drive model folding down to become a much more compact, practical bike. Although the BMW’s will still have an incredible amount of power under the hood, it will not feel it at all. These motorcycles are a huge leap forward in the world of modern motorcycling.

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