Things to Consider in Motorcycle Repair while Replacing or Installing Motorcycle Grip -

Things to Consider in Motorcycle Repair while Replacing or Installing Motorcycle Grip

Rejuvenating the motorcycle grip is perhaps one of the most essential tasks that you need to consider. Being an important point of contact with the bike, the grip has its own longevity depending upon multiple factors. When you notice the grip making trouble, you can easily get your motorcycle repair done by installing a new pair of grips. Also, you can try tailoring the grip texture, hardness and size to suit your own preferences. The process is quite easy and affordable when you follow the valuable tips shared below.

Removing the Old Grips:

Removing the Old Grips

Removing the Old Grips:

The old grips can be easily detached from the bike handle using proper equipment like a razor blade or an air compressor. You can either use a razor blade or an air compressor as these two types of equipment work in two different processes for the same action. Using a good quality razor blade, you can easily slit the grips and peel them from the handle. Be careful and precise while using sharp equipment so that the bodywork doesn’t get damaged or affected. If you have an air compressor, you can slowly direct the air pressure under the end of the grip and it will be eased off easily.

Installing new Motorcycle Grips:

Installing new Motorcycle Grips

Installing new Motorcycle Grips

Usually, there are two variants of motorcycle grips found in the market. These are rubber grips and integral-tube style grips. The rubber grips are economic and easier to install whereas the integral-tube style grips are costlier and the installation process is a little difficult. The integral-tube style grips come with a wider variety of designs and textures when compared to the rubber grips. However, if you choose a rubber grip, you need to reuse that the old throttle tube attached to the handlebar. When the old grips are peeled off, the new rubber grips easily slide over the handlebars and throttle tube. The integral-style grip comes equipped with the throttle sleeve, which lies under the right-hand grip. Hence, you need to remove the throttle sleeve along with the old grip while installing the integral-style grip.

Installation Equipment:

There is certain equipment that you need to arrange while refurbishing your motorcycle grips. Razor blades, air compressor, brake cleaner, lubricants are some of the essential equipment that you need to keep handy. If you cannot arrange bike lubricants, you can use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer as a substitute. All these equipment are easily available in the local market. Using better quality products will make the process smoother and will also enhance the longevity of the new grips.

Cleaning Tips:

The original motorcycle grips are fixed with good quality adhesives and once you remove the old grips, you will notice some form of adhesive still left on the handlebar surface. Cleaning the surface or motorcycle repair is not a difficult task and you can use brake cleaner or lubricants to get a smoother and cleaner surface, where the new grips will be placed. You can also use a razor blade to shed off some hard portion of adhesive stuck to the handlebar.

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