Tips for Basic Motorcycle Repair

Your motorcycle broke down and needs a repair. You have the option to bring it to the shop, or to repair it yourself in the comforts of your own garage. With the latter, you can save a lot of money. You can also make a fun experience out of it. You should never pass up on the opportunity to learn something new, like basic motorcycle repair. Here are some tips for basic motorcycle repair.

Change your oil

This is one of the most common tasks in motorcycle repair. Get the specific type of oil that is compatible with your motorcycle. The most popular oil is diesel oil.

You might also need to replace the oil filter. This depends on the type of motorcycle you have. Some bikes have a built-in filter that you cannot remove. The best you can do is to clean it of particles. Some bikes have a cartridge-style filter that is usually bolted on the filter cover. Others have a screw-on type that is easier to manage.

Check the brakes

Brake maintenance is a crucial step in motorcycle repair. The steps are very similar to changing car brakes but this is easier because it is on a smaller scale. You can also bleed the brakes yourself because everything is within reach.

Take note that the front and rear brakes are independent of each other. One is for the handlebars while the other is for the side of the bike. Check the two before proceeding to the next step. You might also want to replace brake pads and master cylinders.

Replace the tires

BALI, INDONESIA – MAY 17, 2018: Motorbike tire replacement, installation in garage. Moped scooter repairing Bali island

Check the tires for every trip. A deflated tire can be dangerous. Press against the rubber to make sure that it is firm and taut. The smallest changes in pressure can alter the way your bike behaves. A weaker tire can cause you to lose control over the sensitivity of the bike.

Another thing to check is the state of the tire. Make sure that it has sufficient traction so that you won’t accidentally slip and slide. You can check out for the “wear indicators.” These are the small raised points between the grooves of your tires. If the wear indicators are worn down, then it’s time to upgrade your tires.

Check the drive chain

Make sure that the tightness is just right. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. Check the manual for the bike so that you’ll know the appropriate amount of slack. The quickest way to adjust the tautness is by twisting the rear axle nut. Make sure that both sides are even. It is also important to keep the chain sufficiently lubricated.

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