Motorcycle Tips For Winterizing

Maintaining motorcycle tips is an important aspect for long and smooth running. As the winter comes, many of us store our motorcycle for rest and wait for the spring to go for a ride. Storing a motorcycle is not an easy task in winters as it chokes many inner essential parts of it. It also creates some problems on its surface such as paint get corroded, etc.

Tips for Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Maintaining a motorcycle is important for smooth running.

Motorcyclist needs to do some work in order to maintain or protect their bike in winters. Many bikes need a different form of maintenance. It depends upon the ride that one takes. Thus, if you take care of your bike properly, then you can ride your bike in winters easily.

Tips For Your Motorcycle

Surface Prep

Protect your bike’s surface from being, rusted. Thus, wash your bike daily in winters this will help you in keeping your bike’s surface in good condition. Wash and dry bike properly and apply wax on its surface, as it will protect it from rust and moisture. Hence, one can use one coat of wax on his bike for the protection of the surface of the bike.

Lubricate The Moving Parts

Adding proper grease to the moving parts will keep the bike in good condition. Oiling will prevent the moisture, binding, and rusting away from the bike. Lube your bike parts in winters properly before keeping it in store. Some parts include as the chain drives, joint surfaces in the bike, on controls and cables of the bike. It also includes some center points of the bike.

Tips for Winterizing Your Motorcycle
A well maintained bike has a long life.

Change Filter And Oil

Changing filter and oil in a bike will ensure the smooth running of your bike. The fresh oil or putting of fresh oil in the bike system does not bind or choke your bike. It helps to run smooth and keeps your bike in great condition in winters. Putting fresh engine oil keeps the health of your bike engine great. Hence, changing filter and oil will keep the rust away from pistons and cylinder walls.

Protect Tires

The protection for the tires is essential for the bike in winters. If you are keeping your bike in winters in store, then do not keep off the tires on the ground. Thus, if you have a motorcycle stand then put the bike on them. If do not have stands then keep them on plywood or carpet so that the air can pass through it. Hence, keeping the tires protected will make your bike run easily and can add no extra cost on the tires.

Provide Protection To Your Battery

A battery can easily discharge themselves if kept for a long time. The battery could discharge, especially if it hooked with bike systems. One of the easy ways of keeping the battery alive is to charge the battery. The battery can charge with the help of battery tender, a type of charger, every four weeks.

One can also remove the battery from the bike but charging it is a better option. For preventing the corrosion, one can put Vaseline, a thin coat of it to the terminals.  Hence, in these ways, you can protect your battery of bike also money.

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