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Tips to Buy A Used Electric Motorcycle

There are many genuine sellers of used products on the market, but, at the same time, there are many fraudsters too. For a newbie, who does not want to invest in a brand new electric motorcycle, a used one in a good condition is a good idea. But you need to check thoroughly whether the used e-bike is worth buying or not. Here are some tips to buying a used electric motorcycle.

Tips to Keep in Mind

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Here are the following tips and factors  you must check before investing your money:

Check the overall physical condition

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The overall look and physical condition of the bike says a lot about how it has been kept and maintained. A major bump or dent shows that the bike has been through a bad accident. Look for rusty patches, scratches, flat tires or stains that might be on the surface of the bike. If you find a lot of these on the bike, it shows that it has been neglected and unmaintained. These could also mean that the bike has been used really well and quite hard and hence is showing a lot of wear and tear signs. You need to negotiate accordingly as you might have to incur some repair costs.

Check the Battery Capacity and Age

This is one of the main things to check before investing in a used electric motorcycle. Batteries generally lose their capacity over a few years and would need replacement or frequent charging. The batteries for e-bikes can generally be charged upto 700 times, after which, they show signs of deterioration. You need to keep in mind that the battery must be changed every 5 to 6 years. Find out from the seller about the last battery change or the date of buying the e-bike.

Mileage Vs. Age

Check for the total kilometers the bike has travelled by looking at the built-in speedometer. This should tell you a lot about the condition of the e-bike. The age should reflect in the purchase price as well. You also need to check the mileage of the e-bike. You can go in for an older e-bike if the mileage is good. The same concept applies to buying a used car. 

Wear, Parts and Service

Check the brakes, chain, tires, sprocket and chainring before buying the used electric motorcycle. These need to be in good condition, else you might have to spend additionally after purchasing. Fi these parts were changed recently, find out information about their last change. If the used electric motorcycle has been maintained and serviced regularly, the seller will be quite confident and will also present before you all the invoices and receipts as proofs.

Demand a Test Drive

You should always demand a test-drive before finalizing the deal to see how the bike feels when you drive it. you will be able to get a clear idea of the frame size, comfort and whether the bike is suitable for you or not. 

These are some parameters you must keep in mind before investing in a used electric motorcycle.

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