The Electric Future Will Run On Two Wheels


A two-wheel dolly being run on electricity will be a common sight in the near future. In the current scenario of the emerging world with pollution, scarcity of resources, and hiked-up fuel prices, scooters run on electricity will be a sure hit. These will soon become the most preferred mode of transportation. Even those who can afford cars will prefer scooters run on electricity to beat the heavy traffic. The transition to battery-powered motorcycles has already begun and it won’t be long when scooters run on fuel will be a rare sight.

The Electric Future Will Run On Two Wheels

The Future Of Electric A Two-Wheel Dolly In India

Until recently, motorcycles and cars run on electricity received less global attention as expected. But in India, this scenario is beginning to change. India, a secular country hit by dangerous levels of pollution, population and poor traffic control, electric scooters seem like a boon. With millions of car grid-locked on the streets, scooters offer an easy way out to reach your destination on time. Moreover, the rising fuel prices, using transportation running on electricity seems like a fair choice. Furthermore, around 76% of vehicles on the roads in India are scooters. The number of houses in India owning scooters is more than 80%. Pollution is a major scare in India, which accounts for 30% of the total ration in the world. This can be reduced significantly by reducing emissions from the two-wheelers run on fuel.

The Electric Future Will Run On Two Wheels

Electric Two-Wheel Dolly In India

Avera Retrosa

This retro-looking electric scooter was built by Andhra Pradesh based electric vehicle manufacturer. The design is quite elegant and profound. It can race up to 90 kph and has a range of 120 to 140 km on a single charge. It comes with a 5-speed gear performance and has a switch that can be changed from economy to sport mode. The scooter can also be reversed at a speed of 5 kph. The scooter runs on 3,000 Watts BLDC motor that runs on a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. It has disc brakes and LED lights, along with a side stand sensor.

Rowwet Electric Scooters

There are four new electric scooter models from this Pune-based company. These scooters are available from the beginning price of 51,000. These are all available in three unique battery technology options such as lead-acid, lithium-ion and their own patented ‘Click’ technology. The scooters are Rowwet Zepop that claims a speed of 25 kph and has a 48 V, 24 Ah battery. It can run up to 90 km on a single charge. It also comes with a dual suspension, press button footrest, USB charging, and a mobile holder. The Rowwet Rame is a little higher than the Zepop. The battery and motor capacity are larger in this one. It runs at 60 V and 2000 W and 30 Ah battery and can reach a top speed of 55 kph and a maximum range of 120 km. It has a retro design and a spacious boot. Similarly, the Rowwet Eleq has even higher capabilities than these two. The Rowwet Vegatron just has a slight change in design from the Eleq.