Ways To Shift Motorcycle Gear

Shift Motorcycle Gear

Meta Data: The predominant gear pattern varies between manual and automatic motorcycles. In spite of this, there are ways to shift motorcycle gear. Check out these fantastic techniques here.

When you plan to own a vehicle or motorcycle, the shift motor gear is one of the first things to know. Shifting a gear may be quite challenging to a learner, but it involves a simple strategy. Also, the ways you shift your gear indirectly affect the vehicle’s speed and transmission process.

However, the shift gear is located on the lower side of the motorcycle. With this, drivers should have a different method of shifting it to enhance the speed. For first-timer, you need to avoid moving mistakes to prevent road accidents. Besides, to keep it simple, always focus on shifting with a clutch.

Have you been surfing the internet to know several ways of shifting motorcycle gear? Well, worry no more as you’re on the right platform. We’ve carefully provided answers to questions like; how do I turn my gear? What are the various shifting methods? How do I change gears on a motorbike?

In this article, you’ll understand the four ways to shift a motorcycle gear and how to keep it simple. Additionally, we will walk you through the benefits of shift motorcycle gear and the guides on moving equipment while riding a motorcycle. Read the full content to understand more about motorcycle gear.

4 Ways To Shift Motorcycle Gear

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There are many ways to shift motorcycle gear. Each method is determined by the level of expertise and knowledge of the driver. Remember, before planning to change the pack; you must have press the start button or switch on the motorcycle if it’s an auto-device. Check the four ways to shift gear below.

Ø Disengage the Clutch

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Disengaging the clutch is one of the ways to shift motorcycle gear. Practicing this method is very simple here; you’ll liberate the grip using your left hand. After doing this, squeeze the clutch lever completely and select the appropriate gear you’d love to use.

Ø Release the Clutch

After you might have disengaged the clutch, releasing the grip after following the stated guide is the next step. Release the clutch with your left hand and steadily roll the throttle. By doing this, you’re trying to accelerate the motorcycle for better ground speed.

Ø Revive the Engine

Revving the engine for acceleration is relatively easy. This process also helps in managing the motorcycle speed until you need another shift. However, know your control methods and make sure you apply the brake when needed. Also, maintain the previous speed before switching to the gear.

Ø Pulling Clutch Lever

Pulling the clutch also constitutes another way to shift motorcycle gear. After you might have released the resistance from the throttle, it’s effortless to navigate to the grip. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be rolled off completely but place your feet under the gear lever while the vehicle pushes up.

Final Thought

The ways to shift motorcycle gear is not limited to the one mentioned above. The ones listed here are just the essential guide and a simple method to shift various motorcycle gears. Also, merely reading this article is not guaranteed to improve your driving skill. Instead, take a class and practice for betterment.

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