MotoGP Sepang Preview 2019


As the MotoGP Sepang approaches its 18th round, the title has been well decided. The only thing that is remaining is for Alex Marquez, the younger brother, and series leader, to grab the Moto2 championship of 2019 and declare his heritage.

Marquez needs to place his booth right on the throat of this title chase in Malaysia. Also, he should avoid all kinds of dogfights that can choke away his title and his budding career as well.

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What Is MotoGP Sepang Preview 2019

MotoGP Sepang And What Lies In Store For Marquez

Earlier, people expected that Marquez would be taking the title in 2019 because of his under-achievement in four Moto2 seasons. However, by mid-season, it appeared that Marquez would not miss it. It is important to note that Brad Binder and Tom Luthi are mathematically in the racing event.

By coming up with the decision of stating in the Moto2 of 2020 in times when it was being expected that he would undoubtedly win the title, Marquez committed to being the winner of two titles. However, Marquez requires 2019 because the 21 or 22 agreements will be getting approved and signed in the year 2020 before the season end. So, even if Marquez ends up winning 2020, his bargaining status will not be strong enough if he is not able to grab success in the 2019 title.

As far as Marquez is concerned, he is not looking to come up with a dogfight in Valencia. The platform available in Malaysia can decide things later on. However, Marquez’s record in Malaysia over a period of four years does stink. Whatever might be the situation, Marquez must get hold of the right way of clinching in Asia.

Recent MotoGP Sepang History

In 2015, Valentino Rossi worked more on kicking Marc Marquez out of the event instead of putting efforts into winning the championship. In 2016, the event was organized on a brand new and renovated track, and it went perfect for many combatants. For Andrea Dovizioso, his bike, his skills, the weather, and the track all worked out very well, offering him second class win. Major contenders like Marquez, Andrea Iannone, and also Cal Crutchlow crashed mercilessly without any valid reasons.

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Whast Is MotoGP Sepang Preview 2019

Coming to 2017, Dovizioso thought of just one thing, and that was winning the event and keeping the title pursuit alive while moving to Spain for the finale. Dovizioso won the race in 2017, throwing Marquez off the platform. By doing so, he ensured that the title for 2017 would be decided a week later in Valencia. However, the end of the championship was not a bang but a whimper.

2018 was the year that took the audiences back to the days when Valentino Rossi would reel off world championships such as Chicago Bulls alongside Jordan. It was quite surprising for the audiences to find Valentino Rossi losing to Marc Marquez for reasons he was not best known for. Johann Zarco and Alex Rins joined #93 for platform celebrations. However, the audience felt like it was the end of a majestic era.

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