What Evolution And Motorcycles Have In Common: Let’s Take A Ride Across Australia


Motorcycles have evolved through the ages, much like life itself. They are majestic mechanical beasts, and many of us like to tame them. Also, over the years, motorcycles have undergone many changes, from design to engineering. Also, there are different classes of motorcycles. However, classifications include luxury cruiser bikes, sports bikes, and many others. They have a long history of evolution, like life itself. Thinking about their evolution while traveling through different parts of the country seems like a great way to understand both. Different parts covered signify various feats in the stages of life in the universe.

What evolution and motorcycles have in common: let’s take a ride across Australia
What Evolution And Motorcycles Have In Common: Let’s Take A Ride Across Australia

Motorcycles And Long Rides

The invention of the first atmospheric combustion engine occurred as early as 1712. It was called the Newcomen Steam Engine. 

The world’s first official motorcycle was Maybach and Daimler’s Reitwagen. The name means ‘riding car.’

The modern motorcycle engine was made between 1900-1902 by manufacturers around Europe, England, and America.

Getting used to one’s bike is very important before getting on a long-distance tour. Some riders prefer heavy vehicles with large engines while some others prefer light-weight adventure tourists and so on. Fitness of a rider also matters while selecting the right motorcycle for touring.

Reliability and fuel efficiency (optional) are easy to maintain and one which does not fail often. That is an essential point if the duration and distance of tours are long. Fuel efficiency as a metric will be a factor for those who want to go on a ‘pocket-friendly’ tour.

Also, a loud motorcycle may catch everyone’s attention while one is in a city. However, if a rider hears the same sound for hours together, chances are they’d end up with a nasty headache at the end of the day. Also, even small vibrations may bother during long rides.

Your motorcycles must have the right mounting points or brackets. Depending on the type of road conditions and location, one needs to pick the bike with the right suspension set up, seats, fuel carrying capacity

ABS is one safety feature that is paramount for long-distance riding; 

Riders also one may consider upgraded features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging points, headlamp efficiency (or additional lamps), geo-maps, music playing ability. Also, crash-guard and jerry-can mount points, etc. are good additional features to look at for long-distance riders.

What Evolution And Motorcycles Have In Common: Let’s Take A Ride Across Australia
What Evolution And Motorcycles Have In Common: Let’s Take A Ride Across Australia


If you enjoy bikes, going on a long road trip with it can be blissful. It provides solace and an opportunity at some soul-searching. Technically, any motorcycle can be used for touring, provided the rider very well understand their bike, knows what they want to accomplish, how to travel, have ample time at hand, clarity on the money to spend, and patience to complete the journey. For example, India, a ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir (over 4,000 km ) over multiple terrains, has been accomplished by riders on 1200cc Harley Davidson cruisers, 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets tourists, 400cc RE Himalayan adventure tourists, 50cc Bajaj Sunny automatic scooterists, etc.

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