What is Motorcycle Drag Racing?


You may have heard of motorcycle drag racing. It reflects the true definition of racing, which is basically a competition between accelerations. The only difference is that drag racing contests tend to be more intense. These competitions involve speedy reaction times, a steady acceleration, and straight-line speed. Read the article to find out more about what is motorcycle drag racing and the other elements involved in the sport.

Where is it held?

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What is Motorcycle Drag Racing?
What is Motorcycle Drag Racing?

This can be held anywhere with a track. The track is also known as the “strip.” It measures a quarter of a mile long. Some are modified to be an eighth of a mile long. The track is wide enough to fit two competitors, side-by-side.

The competitors will race at top speed around the track. The number of times they have to go around depends on the race.

How does it work?

What is Motorcycle Drag Racing?
What is Motorcycle Drag Racing?

The competitors start at a point. They race and the one who loses is eliminated. This sport operates tournament-style – everyone who lost in each round is eliminated and cannot proceed to the next round.

You might be wondering how can one person properly adjudicate such a fast-paced race? The answer is what they call a “Christmas Tree.” This is a traffic light system that is located at the center of the strip, beside the finish line. Furthermore, it has motion-sensitive sensors that will record individual time for each lane.

Additionally, it is called a traffic system because the lights mimic what you typically see on the traffic light. Green signifies “go.” Red is for “stop” or if someone is disqualified.

The race also has specific guidelines about time. You can be disqualified if you are too fast or you can be eliminated if you are too slow. This game requires calculations and strategies to abide by the rules and manage to win.

A brief history of drag racing

What is Motorcycle Drag Racing?
What is Motorcycle Drag Racing?

Drag racing started way back in the 1920s in the United States of America. It was prohibited back then because it was used to outrun authorities. Eventually, the ban was lifted and it was even used to settle disputes.

Drag racing reached the United Kingdom in the 1960s. As of today, motorcycle drag racing is deemed as a respectable sport. Moreover, there are strips all over the globe and there are competitions that are held periodically.

Motorcycle drag racing remains to be an esteemed sport as of today. A lot of shows feature these intense competitions. They’re very entertaining to watch. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for motorcyclists to showcase their skills and riding prowess. Most are incentivized by big cash prizes or honorable trophies. Lastly, it takes a huge amount of skill, speed, focus, and agility to excel at this sport.

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