What Is The Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear Essentials

cold weather motorcycle gear

For most bikers, winter time is the worst time for hitting the road with their motorcycle gear in tow. Winter weather is known to wreak havoc on motorcycles and riders. This makes it a big no-no to risk getting your motorcycle wet or dirty while riding in cold weather conditions. Here are some motorcycle gear tips to ensure your safety during these winter months.

Cold weather is characterized by chills and other cold symptoms that make the skin and flesh susceptible to frostbite. You’ll be shivering and getting goosebumps as a result of low body temperatures. You can ride on, sans chills, however, to prepare your body for the ride ahead. This is where you need to get the right cold weather motorcycle gear for your ride.

Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

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One of the most important pieces of cold weather motorcycle gear is a warm jacket. A proper fit jacket should be snug to prevent chafing. Look for an easily adjustable jacket with multiple pockets and vents. This will allow airflow through the jacket to keep you warm and prevent sweat from dripping down your back. Additionally, there should be plenty of ventilation holes for your wind pants and pants.

Cold weather jackets should have additional protection in the front and at the rear. Look for heavy duty jackets with vests and armor to prevent anything from poking through the layers. Additional armor can be worn over chaps for added protection and warmth. The back of the jacket should also have adequate padding to protect the rider’s body from being pierced by any flying debris or ice chunks. Cold weather jackets that have this kind of armor will stop flying objects from piercing through the jacket and into the skin on your chest and wind pants.

Another piece of cold weather motorcycle gear that you may want to consider purchasing is a set of winter gloves. Gloves are useful for several reasons. First of all, gloves offer a way to provide warmth to your hands. Gloves also offer dexterity so that you don’t have to deal with numb fingers all the time when riding. However, gloves offer only so much protection. If you ride in the wind and rain at all, you’ll probably want some other kinds of protection to make sure that your hands and wrists are kept safe from cuts, abrasions, and thumps during rides.

Buying Important Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

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The next piece of cold weather motorcycle gear that you might consider purchasing is a good pair of motorcycle boots. Windpants and waterproof jackets offer some protection, but there are other important layers to look for that are not covered by these. These include a liner for the boots that stops water from getting in between the layers of the boot, elbow and knee pads, and gloves. By putting some thought into how you protect yourself on your motorcycle and ensuring that you have layers that you can remove as needed, you can make sure that you have the best kind of winter bike gear for your needs.

Another Essential Items

A windproof jacket is one of the most important pieces of cold weather motorcycle gear to take with you on any ride. Windsuits offer many benefits to riders, including protection from cold air blowing by your face, wind resistance when turning, and even a bit of insulation if it’s in a particularly cold climate. However, they can be difficult to find in the cold, especially if you live in a rainy, snowy area. Jackets with fleece linings are popular for riders who don’t have a lot of options for protection.

Final Thoughts

Other items to take with you on any ride are winter tires, an extra pair of helmet gels, and layers for your winter biking socks. When riding in the snow or below freezing temperatures, having these items will make sure that you’re comfortable. Make sure that you check the internet or local stores for more details on what each of the winter motorcycle gear essentials you’ll need are. They include the jacket, gloves, boots, and snow pants. Be sure that you layer them appropriately so that you don’t become too weighed down in any given area.

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